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Moment that made you LOL


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After Mat finds out that Rand can channel, Mat says, "No offense, Rand, but I think I will just sleep as far away from you as I can. I heard about a fellow who could channel, once. Before the Red Ajah found him, he woke one morning, and his whole village was smashed flat. All the houses, all the people, everything but the bed he was sleeping in."

Perrin responds, "In that case, Mat, you should sleep cheek by jowl with him."


Birgitte sitting on the Sun Throne was one of the funniest scenes. It was also funny trying to imagine what the Cairhienin nobles were thinking about it.


Uno trying to watch his bad language while speaking to Nynaeve. He also refers to Nynaeve as "The one with the mouth"


Nynaeve's badass arc throughout the series can be summed up with a comment and picture I found on a fansite by plaidypus:


nynaeve.pngOutta the way. Nynaeve motherf*cking al'Meara coming through.

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