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  1. Lan, definitely! Followed closely by Gareth Bryne and Perrin.
  2. Original post was WAY nasty because I got kind of annoyed at having to read the same annoying/immature word over and over again. What are we 12? So here's the edit: I see a big elephant in the room here. Good balances evil. Light vs. Dark. Creator vs. Dark One via Dragon & Ishy, and it's been that way since...Forever. The idea that Morishy could dole out the TP just seems off to me. The All Powerfuls are the Creator and the Dark One. From that interview quoted above about Rand accessing the TP: OK - Moridin. How/when did we all jump to the conclusion that suddenly he'
  3. I don't think Slayer/Isam is leading the darkhounds, or ever will, but I am also wondering where the darkhounds are, and who they were hunting when that massive pack circled Perrin's camp in CoT.
  4. You were perfectly clear. Toveine's reaction was not to something Logain set out to do (with the power, at least), it was either a side effect of the bond or Logain was just that good a kisser. It was not compulsion nor any Semirhage-like usage of the power that caused the reaction. There are multiple references throughout the books to what is only appropriate with your wife or betrothed. "You're hardly a wife" points to the sexual response of the bonding. I've read and listened to this scene dozens of times and never taken it as anything but that. Extra Bit is capitalised when ii
  5. I am so only saying this because I've just spent hours and hours trying to find out what I can about what everyone else has found out about Rand's mean uncle Luc - erm, if you follow me - but I wonder if Moiraine's disappearance had anything to do with finding out just what happened to Tigraine's brother? He went missing in the Borderlands, yes? But then, I'm assuming Moiraine figured out very quickly who Rand's real mummy was at the beginning of TGH, which even Moiraine in all her reigning amazingness could not have figured out so quickly. UNLESS she suddenly recognized him!! NOT so crazy, co
  6. In trying to be PG-13 I did not make myself very clear - when Toveine had a very strong physical reaction at the time of the bonding (the vase shattering experience) I wondered if Logain had purposefully stimulated that, using something similar to what Semirhage had done to Cabriana's Warder... or if the big O was a part of the bonding method, or if it was a part of the compulsion method, or if he was just trying to pretend he could kiss THAT well
  7. Aaah, ok, thanks again Mr Ares. So....was Toveine's reaction a side-effect of the bonding, or part of the Compulsion...or did Logain do something Semirhage-y?
  8. OK, so in TPOD when Logain bonded Toveine, am I the only reader who thought the "extra bit" was bringing Toveine to um, certain, emotional/physical "heights"? Trying to be PG-13 here. If so, this seems suspiciously like what Semirhage did to Cabriana Mecandes' Warder, when she stimulated his pleasure receptors as well as the pain receptors. Could Logain have used a form of Compulsion on Toveine when he set the Bond? If so, do you think this makes him a bad guy?
  9. I also felt a little like an ant when I joined last week, but have really enjoyed building on my own knowledge of WOT and taking my WOT stalkerness to a whole new level, lol. Look for Leigh Butler's re-reads on tor.com -- that really makes you feel like 'you know nothing Jon Snow'! As for re-reads, I have not kept count. Books 1-10 I have read more than 6 times, less than 10 times, I think. NS, books 11-13 I have read twice. I must say, I'm in awe of the WOT fans who can remember so much, I always have to go looking to remember anything in detail, which inevitably leads to reading the whol
  10. Yes, Aviendha's residue reading Talent is very rare, apparently some of the Forsaken can do it. Rand can also read residues I think (has he used it once or twice to follow Forsaken?). With the unravelling, that's seen as a basic skill to learn by the Wise Ones, but Aviendha has a Talent for it (like Nynaeve has a Talent for healing) so I guess she's like a level 99 at unravelling whereas a Wise One would be a level 10??? Lol, just to put it in perspective. Moridin's eyes nearly fell out of his head when he saw her unravelling - his thoughts indicated he had not seen the like even in th
  11. Yeah, I must say I just can't see past the twice marked rather than twice dying and twice living. Only because the whole first part of the prophecy is talking about the marks. But if I read the line on it's own and out of context, I would definitely think it meant he would die twice and live twice.
  12. OK, so I think I am pretty much convinced that: a) AM darkfriends are being trained as Dreadlords b) Taim is Moridin's man (so, in answer to my question, Ishy is the teacher) I also think that: c) More than one male Forsaken have been/are training AM Dreadlords (Osan'gar, Be'lal, Sammael, Demandred, Ishy are all candidates - some pre-balefiring) and so must have had contact with Taim when Ishy was switching bods (we know Osan'gar is one for certain. This would explain why Taim was reluctant to let him go - not so much as a teacher, but as a Dreadlord trainer). d) Taim is the D
  13. Me too! And that's why I thought of Verin and Moiraine as well, except Mat didn't read Verin's letter so he didn't get to weigh the choice. So I'm fence-sitting on that one. Good point - I read it as him weighing them both. Following from that interpretation, the nature of weighing is not to assess each 'weight' individually but to compare one to the other, so... ...that means it probably isn't Teslyn and Joline, because he's not comparing their 'weights' he's weighing up their rescue and his safe escape. RJ probably had a good laugh knowing that we'd all wonder abou
  14. Fantastic, so many questions answered in a couple of hours! Thanks guys :)
  15. I am re-reading the series and am on TPOD. Can anyone shed any light on this vision from one of Egwene's dreams:
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