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hi y'all


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Hello fellow WoT lovers and devotees! I'm a complete and total nerd (ok, I don't live in my mom's basement so maybe not a TOTAL nerd), but I think being a nerd is fun. By day, I'm an attorney. By night, I'm a literary/cat/baking/travel obsessed, easygoing lady. I hope to get to know you all better and find my own little niche in this community. :)

Feel free to PM me. I confess to not being the most adept at understanding technology, so please have patience with me as I struggle through figuring out the inner workings of this site. :blush:

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Welcome to dragonmount!!


Which book are you on? Which parts and characters are your favorites?


Here--I'll give you a little tour of dm. Sorry if I end up confusing you more :P


First there are all of the intro boards, which you obviously found ;)


The next group of them are the WoT discussion boards where you can talk about theories, characters, all of that good stuff.


Next are the social boards. The first two are general and anyone can post anywhere. The next one is also different from the others. By "literary" do you mean you're a writer? You might enjoy the writing part of the Guild then.


The rest of the boards are all social groups based off of the book. I am a member of all of these plus the Guild so if you have any questions be sure to ask :D Each of the groups has it's own feel and atmosphere and interests so just poke around to see where you feel comfortable. You don't have to join any of these, or you can join as many as you want (which I am living proof of :P ).


(Oh, one note before going on: there are hidden boards that you will be able to see once you join a group, then others that you will be able to see once you reach a certain level in the group. There are different paths you can choose to follow once you've been in a group so long. This will all make more sense as you spend more time exploring the groups)


Ok, I'll just list some that you might be interested in. Don't feel obligated to join, but thought I'd point out some places to start incase you feel overwhelmed


You won't be able to see this yet, but the Wise Ones of the Aiel have a bit of a cooking focus


The Band hasn't been that active lately, but one of their main focuses is travel--part of their group boards is dedicated to travel reviews actually.


The Wolfkin also have a mild focus on cooking in one of their paths.


I don't recall if any of the Ajah's at the White Tower here really do...


Anyway, moving on from the social groups :P


After those are role playing boards. Here you can create one or more characters and write them an adventure in Randland as they interact with other people's characters. The first board is the people discussing the role playing and the second group is the role-playing itself. I can't really help much around there-- if you're interested I can point out some people who can though!


If you have any questions feel free to ask :) (and sorry if I confused you!)

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Thanks for the welcome and the useful info. It will definitely come in handy! (And no confusion here!)

I've finished all the books and I'm anxiously awaiting the release of A Memory of Light. I can't wait for it to come out! Every time I see Brandon Sanderson's progress bar go up I get excited. My favorite characters are Aviendha, Lan, and Mat. I find Elayne, Nynaeve, and (yes, I'll admit it) even Rand annoying. Mat took a while to grow on me - I didn't like his immaturity in the first few books - but I love him now. He's so funny, and I enjoy a reluctant hero. I like Aviendha and Lan because they are both strong warriors with soft sides who have been true to their nature throughout the entire series. I used to like Egwene and Perrin more in the earlier books, but I'm sorta off of them now. I liked Perrin's straightforwardness and loyalty, but I found his dogged persistence in finding Faile (which inextricably hardened him) to be exhausting. I think Egwene's a little ridiculous in her treatment of Gawyn, but I understand why she does it. As for my favorite Forsaken, well. . .they're all mostly unloveable, but I have a little bit of soft spot for Lanfear because I think she still has a pinprick of decency left somewhere in her. She wasn't attracted to the Dark One because of power but more out of revenge towards Lews Therin since he broke off his relationship with her.

I made sure to donate to the JordanCon/Mayo Clinic initiative. It would be so cool if my name got drawn to be a character in the upcoming book! I do like to write too, but mostly I write on a professional level. Writing fiction is a hobby that I don't get to indulge in too often.

I will be checking out the other forums and seeing how it all works. So far, I haven't found it too difficult to navigate.

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(My name is going to be in AMoL :P )


I also think Lanfear also has some decency left in her. Remember the second to last point of view in ToM? (the last one gives me shivers every time I read it :D )


I also like Aviendha--she's my favorite. Mat's up there. Lan is not my most favorite but one of them

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Aiel Heart - Very cool that your name is going to be in AMoL. I'm supremely jealous. ;) And you are right about her point of view in ToM. That's mainly what made me think there's some sliver of goodness in her...or at least she's just a manipulative wench who ought to have been balefired a long time ago!

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