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Xamol Na

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Hi guys. I'm Xamol and I've swooped in here from a typical sheepherder county in England; Devon.


What to tell you about me? I'm female, I love WoT, I love video games and I love, love, love to write. I'm actually getting close to being published =D


I'm also an awesome person but I'll let you discover that for yourselves ;-)


Can't wait to settle in here.



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I don't mind what you call me =)


Egwene, Mat and Aviendha are my favourite characters. It's way too hard to choose a favourite part of the books.


My least favourite character is probably Elayne. She's just far too good at annoying me haha.


Oh, I'm dying to read the last book of Inheritance! I'll probably join the guild at some point without a bribe ;-) haha.


Thanks for welcoming me.

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The book has been killing me. I could hardly pass a second without thinking about Inheritance. I didn'y want to read even Towers of Midnight as badly ad I do this. Maybe I was so sure I wouldn't get it at the bookstore and when it was there, it was a big surprise. Christopher Paolini has been so silent about last book. The only thing I have been able to find on websites is that Eragon is going to be captures and trotured. And there would be a Green Rider hopefully Arya. And there are more werecats. I would try to buy the book within the week of its release or whenever I go to market.

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