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Old habbits die hard


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In an effort to stay awake driving across the country (US) I downloaded/started listening to the series that consumed my high school days; I have since re-listened through Winter's Hearth and started reading TGS last night.


I must say the listening to it forced me to pay attention to all of the subtleties of the writing that I had missed before, and I can now eagerly await the conclusion of this series that once dominated my life (and is threatening to do so again!)


Also, I have decided to re-use one of my hold "names" from the late nineties from various WoT-based internet boards/games/chats etc.



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We're glad you returned to WoT and that you found your way to us.


Which parts and characters are your favorites?



Hmmm...parts, well, I have always been a sucker for the "action" sequences, however the "re-listening" gave me a new appreciation for the "semi-active plotting" scenes, I guess I skipped over all those in the past.


As far as characters, Rand started as my favourite, though he got really annoying (apparently he gets better in ToM), and listening to the stories made me dislike Nyn alot, find Min annoying (I used to like her) and I turned 180 on Egeune.


Maybe that's why I like it so much; after a 10 year gap, I returned to find the characters the same, but my opinions radically altered.

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Interesting that listening to it makes you pay attention more to the subtleties - I've listened to a few chapters that were early releases, but get too distracted to retain much. I much prefer reading, where I can go back, look up, stop and ponder, etc.


Anyhoo, welcome to DM :biggrin:

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