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an old wotmaniac here


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AH- thnx! mat's always been my favorite. fain, lan, thom, moiraine come pretty close too. i also think i might be the only egwene fan out there! the part where eggy lays the beat down on the SC for the whole WT to see was pretty dope. battle of emonds field. ingtars last stand. the ashaman showing up to free rand. the attack on rand when the LTT took over. and any PoV leading up to the golden crane flying (esp. in the inn where nyn approached the jewel dealer). there;s actually too many to list LOL


LS- couldn't tell you how many times. think i read it thru about 5 or 6 times years ago. but mostly i used to read particular story lines thru. like i'd flip thru to all mat's pov's or anything related to him and skip everything else.

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Some of us aren't loud about it ;) Speaking about one's favorite characters is always nicer anyhow.



Welcome to Dragonmount, Kronik! I'm sure you'll enjoy the Discussions that go on here. I'm not big on discussions myself but I know the discussion boards contain really fascinating theories.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask via pm. We're all happy to help. :)








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