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New to site and new too WoT


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Hello All! Well I stumbled across the first book in the Series a few months ago while searching for a new book to read. I was reading the Dredsen files by Jim Butcher and I just happened to grab the Eye of the World off the shelf at the book store. I saw that it was a thick book and had a lot in the series which was great considering I was looking for a something to really get into and this would do the job. Little did I now that this would be my most favorite of all time. I couldn't put the book down and I am now 3/4 done with the Great Hunt. I am always reading it every chance I get. I am just disappointed no one has made a movie over this!!! Well a little about myself. I am in the US Army and my MOS is cavalry scout. I live in Georgia but soon me and my wife will be going to North Dakota for 7 months then to Pensacola Florida for me to start college. Yes I know from one extreme to the other. Well I have been searching through these forums and staying clear of anything that could contain spoilers. I have read about the memory or light and a few other books that came out after JRs death? Are they out right now? does the new Author capture what JR did? I don't know if anyone truly could. Well I hope this has been informative. I also have a little interest in learning about these social groups and role playing? I am sure someone will read this shortly and point me in the right place just worried about those spoilers ya know ;) Well that is it for now!

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Brandon Sanderson has done an excellent job so far. He's had RJ's notes, as well as help from RJ's assistants and wife! :P


Welcome to dm!! I'm glad you've decided to join us!!! Read quickly--there'll be spoilers all over the place for someone early on like you :D


Which characters have been your favorite so far?

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Hi, Josh. I think you would like White Tower and Warders from your username. Just try to stay away from Discussions because they contain most spoilers. And read fast. We have Social Groups which are based on the books and Role Playing Groups.


As for the books after RJ's death. A Memory of Light has been split to Gathering Storm, Towers of Midnight and A memory of Light. Gathering Storm and Towers of Midnight have been released. According to my personal experience, I believe they are good. Some of the things we have been wishing for long time do happen in them. And after reading Towers of Midnight it is hard to wait for the last book. And they have scenes revolving around Rand, so I say Brandon Sanderson did a good job.


Welcome and enjoy. If you have any questions, just ask.

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Hi Josh, and welcome to DM :biggrin:


I'd say if you wish to avoid spoilers, try to stick to the Social Groups for now. Even the names of some of the Groups (Social Side and Role Playing Side) will be spoilers for you, though ... lol


Basically, read really fast! :biggrin:

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HAHA well I would like to say that my favorite characters thus far has to between Rand and Lan. For obvious reasons Rand is the dragon reborn and that is a sweet deal and he has the heron mark blade so hes def a badass and I am sure it only gets better! I like Lan though because he has been the first character that was really a whoa step back this guy is a trolloc slaying SOB lol. In kind of a way I relate myself to a warder. I mean I am a Cav scout in the Army and I protect people from evil things. I put my life out there and "embrace death" I love martial arts and as soon as I am situated in Florida I will attend some wing chun classes and some form of sword fighting I have really really been into that lately though I haven't got a sword just yet.. They run like 400 for a good one that works I have found. Funny as it sounds I picture myself as a warder being taller and I do have a good body build bud whos braggin lol. Uhh lets see what else... I am thankful for coming on this site and being able to communicate with everyone! I am reading as fast as I can lol! So don't look for me much on a lot of other forums for fear of spoilers just yet but in the future I will be active on them. .I am having trouble uploading photos too all the ones I have are too big!? I am not super computer savvy but I try my best.. If anyone wishes to talk further send me a friend request or something! Thanks much and I am looking forward to a lot of fun things that this site offers!

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