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So at the moment here is the picture:


AL East - New York Yankees *gag*


AL Central - Detroit Tigers


AL West - Texas Rangers


AL Wild Card - Boston Red Sox


AL still in the race - Tampa Bay Rays, Anaheim Angels (on the very edge)


NL East - Philadelphia Phillies


NL Central - Milwaukee Brewers


NL West - Arizona Diamondbacks


NL Wild Card - Atlanta Braves


NL still in the race - St. Louis Cardinals, San Francisco Giants (both unlikely)


Break Down/Predictions


AL Divisional


Yankees vs. Tigers - Tigers win in 5

Red Sox vs. Rangers - Rangers win in 5


AL Championship


Tigers vs. Rangers - Tigers in 6


New York Yankees


I predict that they will hold onto the division lead, and go into the play off champs AL East regular season champs, and be seeded #1 in the AL playoff bracket. Which means they will face of against Texas most likely. Which unfortunately is bad new for the Yankees. Right now their pitching staff is going through some issues. Behind CC there isn't anyone that can really be trusted. They have AJ Burnett who has been horrendous for the majority of the year, Ivan Nova who isn't post season tested, Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon who have struggled with injuries, and Phil Hughes who seems to have pulled it together but suffered from some velocity loss early in the year and seemed to have some confidence issues. Aside from their pitching their bats have been solid, that is what has kept them afloat this year. However when they face either the Tigers, or Rangers pitching will they hold up? I'm not sure, because both of those teams have shut down #1 guys in Justin Verlander and C.J. Wilson, respectively. And both those teams have people behind their #1 guy.


Detroit Tigers


Justin Verlander, the man is a beast, a lock for the Cy Young award, and possibly the MVP. However he can't pitch every game. That's where Fister comes in. The man is on fire, his last two months have rivaled Cliff Lee. Their bats, though they only have one big name guy in Miguel Cabrera, rank 3rd in average, 4th in RBIs, and 10th in HRs. Now the other teams in the play offs rank ahead of them in almost all of those categories, however this team is coming into the post season healthy. While the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rangers all have some key people hurt or just coming back from injury. That's a big plus.


Texas Rangers


This team is interesting. They have a lot of good young pitching. and some of those pitchers have post season experience. However they are missing a key piece from last year and that is Cliff Lee. He lead that rotation last year and took a lot of weight off the other guys, he's not there this year and it will be interesting to see if the likes of Wilson, Harrison, Holland, Lewis, and Ogando can step up and handle the pressure. As for their bats. They lost a key bat when Nelson Cruz went down. Now they still have Hamilton, Beltre, and Kinsler so that should be enough, but both Hamilton and Beltre have been injury prone the last few years. Can they hold up?


Boston Red Sox


Sigh, this is my team. Sadly the injury bug has bashed them all year long, both in pitching and hitting. The major concern on this team is Pitching. Yes Beckett is back but he seems to be made of glass lately, and other than Lester they don't have any one in their starting rotation who is anything close to reliable, and their bullpen has collapsed (Paps went from Aug. 24 to Sept. 14 without a save opportunity). As for batting. Youkilis, and Crawford have both missed time this year due to injuries, and Crawford just flat out hasn't been worth the money spent on him so far. Granted this is still a team that can just go off and light a pitcher up, and that is the only reason they have survived their pitching crisis. But I don't think that their explosive bats will be enough to carry them. *sad*


NL Divisional


Phillies vs. Diamondbacks - Phillies in 3

Brewers vs. Braves - Brewers in 5


NL Championship


Phillies vs. Brewers - Phillies in 6


Philadelphia Phillies


The following is why the Phillies will win: Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, Roy Oswalt, Vance Worely, Kyle Kendrick, Ryan Madson, Antonio Bastardo, Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utely, Shane Victorino, and Hunter Pence. That is all.


Milwaukee Brewers


This is a team that has decent starting pitching, with Zack Grenkie, and Yovani Gallardo. They have a solid bullpen with K-rod and Axford at the end of games. On offense they have Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun, Rickie Weeks, and Cory Heart. All of whom can hit with the best of 'em. They're one, and granted biggest detractor, lack of experience.


Atlanta Brave


I don't know how this team has done what it has done this year. They have either aging or rookie pitchers, and their line up really isn't anything to write home about save for McCann. I have a feeling this team is in for a nasty surprise in the playoffs.


Arizona Diamondbacks


The NL West revolving door, perpetually spitting out a new playoff team every year it seems. I don't see much about this team other than Ian Kennedy and Justin Upton that makes me want to believe in them. They're just to young, to streaky, and to inexperienced. Good season, but it won't last.


World Series Projection


Phillies defeat Tigers in 5. (maybe 6.... or 7 the important thing is the Phillies win)

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well, at least you can be glad the Yankees won't take another Series this year? :) I'm rooting for the Rangers, personally, but I've honestly no clue who is going to win it. All things being equal, the Phillies should, but they also should have put away the Cardinals by now.

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It was that. And then it reverted to pitching last night, in which Lord Albert of the Pujols looked merely mortal. Actually, he looked lost at the plate, though to be fair, that was everyone but Lance Berkman last night for the Cards. Holland looked nasty out there. Just wish he'd been able to finish it.


I admit it. I have no idea what's going to happen over the next two to three games, except that it is more likely to be three at this point than two.

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soooo...last night was one of the weirdest, most improbable games I've ever watched. I've never seen a pitcher struggle so badly for control and yet only give up two runs. I've never seen a pitcher look so nasty, make only two (maybe three, that one Napoli hit to the warning track at deep right center might have been a mistake as well) mistakes all night and have both of them get absolutely blasted, so that he leaves in a tie game. I've never seen a bullpen miscommunication like that. Three failures to pick up a ball in the same game - Moreland and Murphy in the second, and the Cards second baseman whose name escapes me at the moment for some reason in the eighth. A strikeout where the catcher runs farther than the batter to make a putout. And all of those walks, what was it, 14? And I think two of them scored. Good grief.

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