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L.E. Modesitt is Coming to DM!


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Starting next Monday, September 19th through September 25th, SF/F Author L.E. Modesitt will be answering YOUR questions LIVE! This is a must for any aspiring writers out there as well as any of his fans (or even if you are interested!). This thread is up here and open for questions now!



L.E. MODESITT, JR. is the bestselling author of over fifty-five novels encompassing two science fiction series and four fantasy series, as well as several other novels in the science fiction genre. He is best known for his RECLUSE SAGA and the SPELLSONG CYCLE.




Mr. Modesitt has been a delivery boy; a lifeguard; an unpaid radio disc jockey; a U.S. Navy pilot; a market research analyst; a real estate agent; a director of research for a political campaign; legislative assistant and staff director for a U.S. Congressman; Director of Legislation and Congressional Relations for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; a consultant on environmental, regulatory, and communications issues; and a college lecturer and writer in residence. In addition to his novels, Mr. Modesitt has published technical studies and articles, columns, poetry, and a number of science fiction stories. His first story was published in 1973. He lives in Cedar City, Utah.



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A Q&A thread will be posted on the morning of the 19th to begin taking questions. Mr. Modesitt will then log in and answer them during the whole week at his lieseure. So tell a firend and bring your best questions about his work and about writing in general.

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I thought maybe he came in for 1hr each day and if we werent there posting then we'd miss out... which would be hard for us not in the US.


If i can just post a question on the thread any time in that week - thast fine.


Thanks for answering :)

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