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The Grizz


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Hello all,


Not only am I new to Dragonmount and this is my first post, but this is my first ever post of ANYTHING on the net. Yep, I love WoT that much. To be honest, I don't know my way round very well, but thought I'd just jump right in and say hi.


Growing up I've been an athlete. Playing sports were my life. However, when I was 16 I had a back injury in which the doctors told me I'd never be active physically ever again. Miraculously I beat the odds and was able to return to sports within a year. I tell you this because it was during my downtime with my injury that I discovered books. I learned there's more to life than sports.


I now have a great career and some of my interests are camping, hiking, and anything outdoors. I still play sports. Now whenever I desire quiet or peaceful time, I pick up a book. I've read most of the big popular series such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and others, but my fav is WoT. I'm currently in my fourth read of them and like everyone else, I highly anticipate AMOL.


I'm an extremely optimistic person who loves to meet people and chat. If anyone would like to drop a line, please do so.


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Ok Grizz is my uncle's nickname and he loves camping and such but I'm pretty sure I'd know if he was a WoT fan so you probably aren't him :P


Well I'll give you a bit of a tour of our forums then! There are the general discussion boards where topics are about the books, be it theories or characters or whatnot. Then there are the social boards, where we get to know one another and just have fun.


There are a lot of different groups and each have their own personality and interests so see what interests you! (The Wolfkin are the "nature group" and we are a very high spirited bunch, and the Oiger are a lot like the Oiger in the books; they like quiet, reading, writing, and beer :D I am a member of both groups and they are both awesome. But do some exploring and see what you like. You can join as many as you like or none!).


Then there are also the roleplaying boards (which is often shortened to rp). Here you create a character (or multiple if you wish) and sort of write your own adventure in randland. Your character will interact with other characters and such as well. I'm not into that on here yet though, but Nyneave will probably show up soon and she's very into that so you can ask her any questions you have concerning that.


Which characters and parts are your favorites?


Oh, and welcome to dragonmount :)

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Welcome to DM Grizz! :D


It can get a bit overwhelming when you finally take that step into the INTERWEBS! lol But Dragonmount is certainly a good first stop. There are quite a few WoT based sites out there but I've always kept DM as my home site because it's the best ^_^ (under my consideration, at least lol).


Aiel Heart has already given you a sum up for the site's layout (so I'll refrain from repeating the very same thing). I know my way around the Social and RP side, so feel free to ask questions. Not so knowledgeable about the discussion part of DM, but I can always direct you to someone or just give you my general opinion. So, yeah, feel free to shoot me a private message any time ^_^


And remember! Give everything a try before you settle in certain areas of DM. Then you know you haven't missed any potential fun ;)







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Hey Aiel Heart,there's a reason I go by Grizz. I've actually been attacked by a bear, been charged by another one, and on another incident I woke up with a bear standing over me while taking people on a backpacking trip. So I guess I might have some kind of connection there with them. Maybe I know how Perrin feels about the wolves?


Anyhow, thanks for the rundown. You too Nynaeve. I'd have to say my favorite parts of WoT aren't just specific incidents. I think its the diversity in the WoT world. You can go from one nation to the next and Jordan has laid out complete different cultures. From Arad Doman's chopsticks to Sheinar's community baths. The different accents such as Illian's "do be" and the borderlander's "hands on the sword hilts". I feel like I've learned a whole world's culture just by reading these books.


As for characters, I love the Aiel as a people the best. For specific characters, I have to go with who the majority likes best and that is Mat. Nynaeve is also my favorite.

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He's hunted a few and there are a few other connections but yeah don't think anything quite as interesting as yours. Do you understand what they're thinking?


Well, then I recommend you check out the Aiel social group and the Band social group, while still looking out for others.


My favorites are Aviendha, Nyneave, Egwene, Siuan, and Verin :D

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Welcome to DM!


You have such a cool story to tell about that discovering of books and the bear thing! Nothing ever happens to me (famous last words):wink:


I also just love the WoT cultures. I remember the feeling as I first read some saying there and I realised that there was an entire world in these books. That was an amazing feeling, I can tell you.


Glad you joined!

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