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What's been happening with me and need your help


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Been having a bit of problems lately. It started a few months ago when I woke up in the middle of the night with an incredible pain on my tummy and behind my breastbone. After sitting up in the lounge (crying from pain, might I add - and I never cry!) it went away. I presumed it was from something I ate, but nothing happened till a few months later it happened again. Then after a few weeks, then every few days. I started to vomit as well during these attacks, and they started earlier and earlier in the evening.


I don't have medical insurance / aid, and I earn very little, so I avoided going to the doctor. Eventually about 2 weeks ago I couldn't take it any more, so I went to the doctor across the street. He was supremely uninterested, and said it's probably acid reflux. Gave me a prescription for that, as well as for Bevispaz (sp?) which is for tummy cramps (he added that last as an afterthought, because I complained of feeling extremely bloated). That worked for a few days, then not so much.


I completed the course, but the problem restarted right after that, and for the last week I've been in excruciating pain (tender and burning stomach) continuously. I've been too scared to eat anything, so I've been living off a few spoons of boiled rice, Pronutro breakfast cereal and mashed bananas. I've cut out caffeine as well, and virtually stopped smoking - nothing helps. I was in such pain on Saturday that my family wanted to take me to hospital, but as a last resort my mother gave me some Rescue Remedy, and lo and behold it got better! That started me thinking - maybe it's not acid reflux - maybe it's my old friend Spastic Colon!


Anyway, my mother put her foot down and said I'm going to her doctor and she'll pay. So I went today - what a lovely man! He did a PROPER and THOROUGH exam, including asking me all kinds of questions (something the other doctor never did). Knowing I have no medical aid, he said he's going to do a simple and cheap experiment - he's going to inject me with Bascopan. If that makes me feel better, then it's definitely a spastic colon, as that is the ONLY thing it works on. He gave me the injection, and made me wait for 15 minutes - I felt 70% better! As I'm sitting here (an hour later), I feel 90% better! My tummy is still a bit tender, but that's understandable as the poor thing has been doing the twist for weeks now - most exercised part of my body :P

Weirdly, the pills the other doctor prescribed for the "tummy cramps" as an after thought, is probably what made me feel better, NOT the stuff he prescribed for acid reflux. In fact, that probably made it worse, because it neutralized much needed stomach acid ... lol


The upshot is if I'm 100% in a week's time (IF I follow instructions, which I'll get to later), then great. If not, then I have to go to a state hospital (joy :sad:) for a gastroscopy, as it's either stomach ulcers or stomach cancer. Here's hoping I'm 100%


Now for the instructions: Spastic colon can be triggered by only 2 things, really - stress, and maybe a trigger food. A combination of the 2 is also usual. I know in the past mine was stress and wheat products. I have to avoid those now (been eating wheat again lately, and too much of it - pasta is cheap and money is short). So I'm going to ask staff (and everyone else) to help me out where they can, so I can relax as much as possible for the next week or 2.


Loves on you all, and here's hoping I can eat actual FOOD tonight!

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Hey guys those of you who don't have access to the staff board. Kara posted this to let us know about what is up with Elgee


Elgee has just texted me to say that she's currently in hospital for tests regarding her stomach problems, and to let you all know. I don't have any more info at present, but as soon as I do I'll post it here. :


Keep her in your thoughts please everyone. Also until further notice direct all questions or comments to either myself or Ama. If you can't get in touch with either of us, please see Keyholder or Kathleen. Thanks everyone!

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*Attempts a pop up but doesn't quite manage it* :P


I really really missed you guys terribly!!! Thanks, Rashi and Kara for keeping people updated *loves on her sisters*


The short of what happened: I landed up in a state hospital with acute gall bladder infection (can't remember the fancy name now). After lying around for 2 days under a "nil by mouth" (meaning nothing to eat or drink) they eventually did a sonar and discovered the infection, and the mother effing huge stones. 4 of them hovering just under an inch and 1 just over an inch long. The infection spread to several other organs, including the pancreas, bladder, kidneys, blah blah. I've been on morphine and antibiotic drips since last Wednesday. They had to reposition the drip 4 times, as my veins kept collapsing. Anyhoo, it's about under control enough now that they could send me home, but the earliest they can get me on the operating list is March 2012.


I'll be taking it easy for the next few days, because i'm still very sore (especially my hands, where the drips were - they're just one big bruise up to my elbows).

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