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Hi everyone, I'm just posting here to say hello! I love the series (obviously), really look forward to talking about it and cant wait for the last book (though I dread it at the same time). I'm even trying to incorporate it into an assignment I'm working on, but I will post that somewhere else I guess... Yep, that's it... hello again!

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Hey there Vlad :) Welcome to Dragonmount!


When I was in high school I used to read WoT books for book reports. It was quite fun to be able to convert something I love into school work that usually involves something dull. The teacher would even sometimes bring me in because she wouldn't believe that I actually read the book and wrote that report. She thought I got it from the net. So she'd have me sit there and tell her what happens in the book. :P


Anyways, I'm confident that you will enjoy Dragonmount immensely. I'm sure you had your own look see already, but beyond the fabulous Discusison boards at the top, there are also the Social and Role Play Groups further down in the boards block. I strongly recommended checking those out as well.


If you have any questions, all you need to do is shoot me a PM and I'll gladly help.



Stay frosty!





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Welcome!!! We are all looking forward but dreading the end of the series. I know I'm going to cry a ton just holding the book for the first time ;P I'm going to need a few boxes of kleenexes during the few days it takes me to read it.


But anyways welcome and we hope you have fun here--we definitely do!!!

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Hi Vladimir, welcome! I am new to DM and fairly new to the WoT series as I am only on the sixth book and started reading book one only six weeks ago. I am looking forward to getting through them and getting to know you as well. I hope to see you around here!

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Welcome to Dragonmount.com, Vladimir.

We have many different forums and sub-forums where you can discuss practically anything that you want; including discussions that are not WOT based, but on just about anything else in this world that you might want to discuss. I encourage you to browse the forums, read and also participate in the countless discussions that are ongoing.

Also, some of the places where WOT fans can have the most fun are in the various Social Groups here, based upon different groups written by Robert Jordan in the Wheel of Time. These Social Groups include, but are not limited by; the Aiel, The White Tower, The Black Tower, the Ogier, and Shayol Ghul.

If you are interested, post what you like best in The Wheel of Time series, and then you can be given suggestions as to which ones of the Social Groups on Dragonmount that you might like. Dragonmount also has roleplay forums for those whom want to immerse themselves in character into the most fascinating fantasy world ever created, the world of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time.

You have found what I believe is the very best fan forum and message board for a fictional series of books. Also, I believe without a shred of an iota of doubt in my mind that The Wheel of Time series is the VERY BEST series of fictional novels that has ever been written. Stick around here long enough, and I can promise you that not only will you meet cool and interesting people online, but also that you will become friends with some whom you regularly interact.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me at any time.

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