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Ok, commited to get started here... :/

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So I joined last year, and wrote a bio, but haven't done any RPing since I haven't found enough time to dedicate myself to it. I do want to get going now though. I've just re-read most of the pinned stuff, but do admit I'm still very green in the goings-ons here at the RP Groups.


So, I'd like to do my first RP with my novice character. As I understand, this would be the Meet the MoN one...?


Amadine, would you be up for this sometime? (doesn't have to be immediately)



Please tell me if I'm on the right track here... :wacko:

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Glad to see you back here Nyanna :)



I'm ready when you are to get started. Have a read through some of the other Intro RP threads in the Novice and Accepted Quarters if you want some ideas on what other have done, or just go ahead and write up an RP.


If you are not sure about anything just send me a PM and i'll be glad to help.



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