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Why Verin didn't want Mat at the battle of Caemlyn


Mat did or did not act as Verin wished him to by not opening her letter...  

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  1. 1. Did Mat do as Verin wished by not opening her letter?

    • Yes, she had a reason he should not be at the battle of Caemlyn
    • No, she had the intention for him to be there to save the city...

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She misunderstood Mat. She had the false impression that his curiosity would overwhlem his caution, usually due to his luck it ends up happening, but Aes Sedai are the one thing he avoids if he can help it. She should have simply stated something like "you will take this eltter under advisement", and it would have worked, as Mat won't break a promise (not to open the letter early) but if he didn't feel obligated to do its contents by an oath he wouldn't have hesitated to open it.


I do think that his Luck probably played a part in this, and it is likely that Verin was wrong, Mat need to NOT be there, and the attack had to take place.

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I think that Verin wanted him to be there to defend the city as every one more person, especially Mat would help make a difference. if she didn't want Mat to be there, she would have told him so in the letter, because then it would be too late anyways.


Also, she said that she would release him in one day if possible. If she wanted him to not be there to defend the city, she would have had instructions to go somewhere else because she thought that he wanted to open it sooner or later. Than he would have to obey anyways.

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I think Verin was genuine in the letter, but I don't think the letter was pre-empted. I think it was a result of Ta'veren, rather than Verin's plan.


She had not even been going to see Mat originally, and she had no reason to think that Mat would be travelling to Caemlyn any time soon.


It was only when she was pulled by ta'veren to Mat, and found out he was wanting to go to Caemlyn, that she thought of the possibility, and wrote the letter.


She was originally planning to do it herself, or I think warn Elayne or someone in Caemlyn via letter. However, when she was led to Mat, knowing it was Ta'veren, decided that the Pattern wanted Mat there to do the job.


I don't think she thought of Mat as the best person, rather she just accepted the Pattern wanted him to be there.


However, I think she was mistaken. I have said it was good that Mat wasn't in Caemlyn. It was indeed the Pattern which organized it this way. I think the Pattern wanted the Band and Dragons to be there, not Mat himself. I think Mat would have died if he was there at the initial assault, and that the Battle of Caemlyn was intended to be by the Pattern.


IN summary, Verin was genuine in wanting the invasion stopped, but misinterpreted the Pattern. Mat didn't do anything wrong. It was intentional how things worked out.

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Wasn't there a PoV where she thought that Mat would of lasted 2 days before opeing the letter? I might just be imagining it though.


That is in the letter, it says she knew he wouldn't have lasted long, his curiosity would get the better of him after a few days.

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