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Hello there!

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Just wanted to do as the topic says and introduce myself!


I'm Mescorpio, I've been reading WoT for over a decade, I've met RJ, Branderson, and Harriet (and made a fool of myself in front of each I'm sure) and I'm handsome. Depending on who you ask. And who I've bribed.


I've met more than one person from Dragonmount at more than one book signing, and figured I'd finally let myself get sucked in. Therefore: Hi!



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Hello Messy.


I am curious as to who you met from Dragonmount!


Anyway theres a load of social groups and such like, so its worth having a proper browse over the site and seeing what interests you. You can join as many as you like! Plus theres an awesome section for people into creative arts and stuff, basically every section is always looking for new members so any group you take an interest in would be happy to have you :D


Welcome to the mount. Tis an awesome place, theres loads of cool topics in the Wheel of Time sections so you should get yerself over there and whack out your theories while theres still time! And dont let people try and tell you Taim isnt Moridin... hahahahahaha

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