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In an Age long ago..


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Hello fair people of DM.


Well as the title might hint at (hopefully, since I spent, oh a good 8 seconds, to come up with that piece of wittiness) I've been a member of DM way back in the days. Think it was 02:ish... But don't take that as a fact. Actually, dont take anything I say as fact :P

Anyway, after finally finishing the latest book I sort of had a bit of RP craving. So, in short, I thought I'd come back and give RPing a wing. Not sure what direction I'm going tho, kinda thinking of doing some WT schtuff, since I was involved with the BT and Seanchan last time around. And as the wise men, and women, say... Change is not to be feared. Or at least that's what I'd like think they'd say. Aaaaanyway, enough rambling.


So I'll shop around a bit on the boards and see if I take a liking to any of them :)


As for me as a person, well, I'm a 27 year old father of two (*pats self on the back*). I run my own construction company (albeit small) but are looking into the possibility of gettin' me graduation going again. For more random information, ask away ;)


With that, I'm off to do some board-surfing.


May peace and prosperity come to you all. And ice-cream.

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Hey there Meirgan! Hopefully you'll find The Welcome Inn down the boards - that's where you'll find all the RP type information. If you're looking specifically at the WT, then head on over there afterwards (though most of the links will lead you there).


At the WT you'll find a thread specifically for asking more questions after reading the whole War and Peace ... I mean info stickies, but you're welcome to PM me too :biggrin:

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Yeah, it can be time consuming. I'll start off on the slow side of it and try to not overload my already pressed schedule, as not to leave people hanging :smile:

Maybe worth trying Talmanes? As far as I can remember it's rewarding when you get them good RPs going.

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