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A belated introduction


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Hey everyone!


I am quite new here, though I have been lurking a long time before finally joining. Though I don't post much (yet ;)) I do come here a lot.


I am from the Netherlands, 21 years old, and I'm a student of journalism. I work at a liquor store and at some local newspapers :)


When I was about 14, I started reading WoT and was immediately hooked. Though I quit reading for a while when CoT came out, because I read it in English and did not understand half of it, haha. But somewhere last year I decided to read them again, this time all in English, and read straight through to the end. Now I'm trying to get my friends to read it as well, but no luck with that so far.


I love reading, fantasy and literature, music (mostly metal) and archery.


I look forward to participating more!

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Hi there Erendis, and welcome to DM!


Which sections of DM have you been lurking around in? In other words, have you just been checking out the various discussion boards, or also ventured into the Social or Role Playing Groups?


Please feel free to ask questions :biggrin:

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You said you like archery so as the current advocate for the Band of the Red Hand and a previous member of the Archers regiment, I highly suggest you check out our social group. I am currently the second in command there and would love to see you stop on by!


I'm Jea, and I'm not actually from Spain but I lived there for the last four months and I am still mentally there and not yet back in landlocked Missouri. Although, I can say it's nice to see lots of green again, I really miss seeing the Sierra Nevadas everyday.


Also, kudos to you for reading the whole series in English! I started reading one of the books in Spanish and...eek!


Anyways, welcome to the wonderful world of DM! *hands over some brownies and Brew Tea* Hope to see you around!

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Thanks Jea and Talmanes!

My favorite bands are Eluveitie, In Flames, Finntroll and Turisas. Many many more, but mostly those four. (Edit: Forgot Blind Guardian!)


And Spain is a beautiful country! I can understand that you miss it.


I will definately check out the Band!

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As a Blind Guardian fan you'll fit right into the Band as our illustrious leader, Corki, is also quite a big fan of them!


And yes, Spain is so gorgeous...I miss Granada like crazy and the Sierra Nevadas being in sight within a 30 second walk *sighs*


Hope to see you around!

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