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Has Cadsuane Taught Rand What She Was Meant To?


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The thing I find interesting about this viewing is that Min specifically states "ALL the Asha'man"

All of them? This would include all the darkfriend Asha'man at this point. Assuming Taim is not an imposter this would also include him (assuming he is an imposter makes this a moot point I guess)

It would include our friendly friend with the creepy eyes Mezar (Do I have this name right? you all know who I mean)



So 2 conclusions here:


1 - Cadsuane does something fantastically awesome that somehow teaches every single Asha'man, regardless of allegiances.... something.

2 - Cadsuane cannot complete this viewing until after the Black Tower has been dealt with, and only lightside Asha'man are left, at which point she will do something that somehow teaches them... something.


No the traitors aren't counted as ashaman, even if it's not known that they are traitors yet. The ashaman up in Saldea makes it clear that any man who serves the shadow is not an ashaman.

I agree. Dark sided Asha'aman presumably don't count. Rand makes it clear too when he institutes the organization.


“Another word in the Old Tongue is asha’man. It means guardian, or guardians. Or defender, and maybe a couple of other things; I told you, the Old Tongue is very flexible. Guardian seems to be best, though. Not just any defender or guardian, though. You could not call a man who defended an unjust cause asha’man, and never one that was evil. An asha’man was a man who defended truth and justice and right for everyone. A guardian who would not yield even when hope was gone.” The Light knew, hope would go when Tarmon Gai’don came, if not before. “That is what you are here to become. When you finish your training, you will be Asha’man.”

-LoC, Ch 42


Nevertheless, it still means that Cadsuane has to teach something to ALL light sided Asha'aman and there are hundreds of them spread all over various countries.

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She may not actually "teach" them anything. I think people are thinking she's gonna go tell them all something and teach them that way but I think it's gonna be more non direct but have effects that may influence


I think she will convince them (i.e. "teach" them) that they must accept an Aes Sedai leash (i.e., all of them must be bonded as Warder-slaves). The ones who value their freedom and like to think they can contribute something to the world without being a slave to an AS won't like it at all (for example, Logain). The ones who are bonded are already resolved to it and have "learned" the lesson. I think zen-Rand would like for the Asha'man to become AS rather than be Warder-slaves, but with Egwene in charge, that won't happen. Cadsuane will convince him the only option is to sell every last man into slavery to AS - he won't like it and neither will they. Cadsuane, Egwene, and the rest of the wenches will love it since that means they don't have to show any respect to channeling men and can just keep them like pets.

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Well I dont buy any lesson being about bonding... given she herself expressed reservations (or was it revulsion?) and tbh there is nothing to suggest that they SHOULD be bonded... and the Aes Sedai complaining against the 'abomination' that is Ashaman bonding of Aes Sedai? Arrogant little twats


Perhaps rather than focusing on what the Ashaman can learn, it would be best to consider what she can teach? Obviously it has little if anything to do with the power (except perhaps in the ways that one might apply that power in life). We can also look at what she has taught or how she has influenced Rand, or will do so... Personally I believe that Rand Sedai is unlikely to be taught much by Cadsuane, which means she has likely 'taught' him what needs to be taught... perhaps given Rand's comments this was just before he flipped out at Tam (his talk of Cadsuane inadvertently doing something)... What might it have been? How has she influenced him?


The importance of Restraint/Civility? (She was constantly going out of her way to test his temper and required that he be polite)

The importance of Compromise/Humility? (She frequently pushed at him and worked him towards making concessions and listening to advice)

The importance of Humanity? (She railed against his increasingly cold/hard demeanour and attempted to make him laugh and cry)


Personally I think it will be one of those three (The second is easiest to achieve on a large scale... compromise and humility could be taught by offering aes sedai help to the ashaman to deal with their little crisis and have them turn it down - only to realise that they had been arrogant not to be willing to accept help)


Though I really hope that Cadsuane teaching the Ashaman a lesson is matched by Rand teaching the Aes Sedai one as well, because they are just as in need of a good dose of the latter two (and some of them need the first one too).

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From the quote another poster provided, I take Rand's part has been fulfilled.

The thing Rand learned I am not sure what it is, but the thing that Ashamen learn will need to be the same thing.

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