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  1. I saw Padan Fain as the wildcard of the 3rd Age. Perhaps every age has its wild card that can impact the war between the Light and the Shadow. Obviously, Fain had no impact with this turning of the wheel, but perhaps in other turnings he killed off major players of the Light, or even major players of the Dark.
  2. If you want to see a Wheel of Time tv adaptation, subscribe and watch. If people take the whole, "I hate Amazon so I'm not subscribing" mindset, you can forget about dvd/blu-ray because it won't make it that far.
  3. What makes you think it was occurring as he carried Moridin out of the cave, and not while still inside? Are you basing that on what Nakomi said about that being what he must do (swap body)? Because if so, I took her comment to mean he's doing what he's suppose to do with carrying the other body out.
  4. 1. Fires of Heaven 2. Shadow Rising 3. Knife of Dreams 4. Lord of Chaos 5. The Dragon Reborn 6. The Great Hunt 7. Crown of Swords 8. Winter's Heart 9. A Memory of Light 10. The Eye of the World 11. Path of Daggers 12. Towers of Midnight 13. The Gathering Storm 14. New Spring 15. Crossroads of Twilight If you ask me this same question in a year, it will probably be different since I'm on another reread.
  5. http://www.tor.com/2015/07/01/the-wheel-of-time-companion-serafelle-tanisloe/ #2!
  6. How often are they doing the previews? Does anyone know?
  7. Ah ok, you're both right. I guess just at that time of reading it it just seemed so unusual. But after thinking of it like that, it's not really all that surprising.
  8. I know, but to be able to throw a knife like that so accurately without having experience just seemed a little weird. I'm probably just looking way too far into it, but when I read it for the first time it threw me off a bit.
  9. Did anyone find it strange that Moridin killed Alanna by throwing a knife at her? It just seemed... Un-Moridinish to me, considering that he's a philosopher who just happens to be an extremely strong channeler. He's never been a soldier or anything relating to combat, as far as we know.
  10. To add on to this, he also confirmed that Nakomi's power in ToM was a power already established in the series. It wasn't some new element used to present a mysterious character. He wouldn't directly answer my question of whether or not Nakomi's power depended on whether or not Aviendha was asleep but just said her power was an established concept.
  11. There was so much going on that I doubt they even thought about a guard for Moridin's body. Here's the thing. If we assume that Rand was still in his own body when he left the cave, then it can almost be presumed that Moridin was in even worse shape since Rand had to carry him out. With Rand dying (his body), there wouldn't be much thought to watching over Moridin's body at first because he was in bad enough shape to begin with when Rand carried him out.
  12. 1. FoH 2. TSR 3. KoD 4. TDR 5. LoC 6. WH 7. PoD 8. TGS 9. TGH 10. CoS 11. AMoL 12. NS 13. TEotW 14. ToM 15. CoT I must say though, the epilogue of A Memory of Light, regardless of what anyone might think of what happens in it, is still one of the best written endings I've read. I truly felt emotional after it and books don't do that to me.
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