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  1. Is the Dragon one of the heroes of the Horn? I know the two are linked, but in another age, would the Dragon appear alongside Hawkwing?
  2. Recall that in my OP I said that perhaps Olver might be persuaded that Mat was responsible for his father's death. To expand that, it would probably by a DF and possibly with a touch of Compulsion thrown in. In view of the very valid points you raised about Olver's allegiance to the Band, consider what effect this persuasion would have on him. He would feel SERIOUSLY let down, and yes, betrayed. He's already bent on revenge for his father; he would target that desire, fuelled with his sense of outrage at this apparent betrayal, on Mat himself. Just what the Shadow wants.. Hmmm, well, while I agree that such a move on the Shadow's part would be incredibly evil, and thus befitting their nature, I'm just not sure that anybody short of Graendal would even conceive of something so complex. Secondly, I'm am unsure as to the extent that the Shadow are aware of Olver's importance to Mat. I dunno, maybe I'm wrong, but I really don't think it's likely :).
  3. THIS has bugged me since I first read it. In fact, I asked DM forum readers if there were any clues I missed in the "Ask a simple question" thread. I hope it has a resolution. I believe this Angreal was lost during the attack on Cairhien by the rogue Asha'man. So I guess the most logical answer is: Taim has it. Rand lost it during his imprisonment by Galina and the WT embassy. And Rand searched for it after being rescued; but didn't find it. Taim could have found it after the rescue at Dumai Wells and hidden it. But that would not be connected to the Cairhien assassination attempt. Ahhh yes, you're absolutely right. I recall Rand searched all the wagons in the aftermath of Dumai's Wells looking for it. I also recall wondering if Taim had it, since it's possible that he or another Asha'man could've found it during the fight. I guess I just invented another reason as to why Taim might have it :). Thanks for the correction.
  4. Forgive the adolescent lurking within me for chuckling at the fact that Aviendha probably does love Rand's hardness :P. /crass Anyway, I think what Aviendha saw in the ter'angreal isn't so much a vision of the future as it is an answer to the questions that Nakomi planted in her brain before she stepped through the pillars a second time. Given that we don't know what the pillars actually do, my speculation is that they are some sort of guidance tool to be that operate on the principle of those "what if" mirror worlds that Rand encountered in TGH. So, Nakomi forces Aviendha to consider the fate the Aiel... I find it almost too much of a coincidence that Rhuidean provided her with further insight about this very same point. So, what I'm trying to say is that I'm not sure she saw the future, exactly. It was just a metaphor, if you will, to help her really understand the issues that she, as a Wise One, should consider before leaping to decisions that could affect the fate of her people. As to what I think she should do next...? Well, for a start, she should ensure that Rand doesn't forget to give the Aiel new purpose following the Last Battle. Secondly, she really ought to raise her kids so that they don't feel so exhalted.
  5. I really, really don't think Olver is going to betray Mat. I mean, come on guys. Mat rescued Olver, gave him a place in the Band, teaches him all sorts of important skills that he'll need to hunt down his Shaido nemesis etc etc. Olver loves Mat, and vice versa (need I remind you all that Mat rushed back into the Seanchan invasion of Ebou Dar to rescue him?). We had a POV from Olver at the end of TOM and nothing there suggested an Aram-style betrayal. Aram was a zealot in much the same way that Masema was - that made him easy to manipulate. There might be an argument that he was also under Compulsion, but it's very unlikely. Ditto Byar... that guy smelled wrong to Perrin, suggesting that whatever infected him wasn't Compulsion. Just an extremist whose emotions were all over the place. I think the Band will save Caemlyn and maybe gain some more concessions to control the Dragons as a result.
  6. THIS has bugged me since I first read it. In fact, I asked DM forum readers if there were any clues I missed in the "Ask a simple question" thread. I hope it has a resolution. I believe this Angreal was lost during the attack on Cairhien by the rogue Asha'man. So I guess the most logical answer is: Taim has it.
  7. Rand: - Forges the Dragon's Peace. - Figures out Callandor's true purpose. - Forges a peace with the Seanchan using Mat's help. - Cleanes the BT. - Confronts Demandred, defeats him but sustains one more (fatal) injury. - Confronts Moridin/the DO at the Bore, defeats one and seals the other using Callandor. Mat: - Rides back to meet Tuon. - Convinces her to make peace with Rand. - Travels to the WT and reclaims the Horn of Valere (HoV). - Rejoins the BotRH in time for TG. - Sounds the HoV one more time. Perrin: - Helps Rand forge the Dragon's Peace at the Fields of Merrilor. - Continues his battle against Slayer in T'A'R. - Leads the wolves in TG. - Lives as Lord of the Two Rivers. Min: - Solves the mystery of Callandor. - Stress relief for Rand. Aviendha: - Solves the future of the Aiel issue. - At some point gets jiggy with Rand to spawn her quadruplets. Elayne: - Gives birth to her twins. - Probably irritates me with every POV in the book without actually accomplishing anything of use. (/cynical) Nynaeve: - Heals everything in the whole world ever. - Links with Rand to wield Callandor in order to seal the Bore/defeat the DO.
  8. Contrary to some of the above posts, I would be disappointed if any of the main cast did die. Except for Elayne, who irritates the teeth off me, so she can go. I would hate it if we didn't get a decent insight into what's happening in the BT, as well as a resolution there. Logain's glory has been foreshadowed for far too long for us not to see why he earns it, and it seems likely that it will be linked to the BT. I really hope we get to see Rand vs. Demandred - the LTT/Demandred rivalry has been mentioned too many times for us not to see a direct confrontation, now. What would disappoint me the most, though, would be for the release date to be pushed even further back :P. I need to know how this story ends, and I need to know it yesterday.
  9. I'd love to have seen Demandred's POV throughout, rather than the snippets we've gotten so far. Also I would like to have seen more of the Black Tower. I really don't think we've seen enough of it, beyond snippets again of Logain and Androl.
  10. I'm pretty sure Artur Hawkwing was stronger than Perrin and Mat, who are probably roughly as strongly ta'veren a each other. Rand is the strongest ta'veren ever, as far as I'm aware - stronger than Hawkwing. As for how Perrin and Mat compare to Hawkwing... weaker, but not THAT much weaker. Both Perrin and Mat get what they need, though - just recall Perrin's meeting with Elyas in the first book, a man who disappeared from the world years ago, and how all his skeletons arrived in ToM for him to conquer. And Mat altering chance how he does, as well as yanking Verin half-way across the continent at need (amongst many other things).
  11. I read at after I'd read Winter's Heart. I don't remember when it was published, but I'm pretty sure it was around when I was reading WH when I came across it.
  12. as I said, the problem with this one is that not all Asha'man would dislike learning this lesson. quite a few will like it, Grady, Androl and Flinn for sure to name only a few. Except, that is not what Cad's is trying to teach them. She's trying to teach them respect and in doing so, as a side effect, she is the only one NOT treating them like weapons. Everyone else looks, acts and treats them like barely leashed rabid dogs, she treats them like men, even if she doesn't mean to. Again, Min's viewing simply states that Cad's will teach them something and they won't like it. It's not clear if the "it" is what they learn or the how they will learn "it". It also doesn't mean that what Cad's has her mind set on teaching them is what they actually learn either. Granted that what the Ashaman learn might not be what Cadsuane is actually trying to teach but I don't buy the rest of it. I don't see Cadsuane even trying to teach All Asha'man "respect" so whatever she might end up teaching them as the result of such an attempt would be immaterial. As I said, there are well over 500 Asha'man. Cadsuane never so much as seen most of them and I don't see her holding mass etiquette classess in the future. Exactly, and why should she care whether they respect her or not? Likely if Rand respects her, they will too, because he's their leader (sort of, we'll leave the M'Hael out of this lol). I'm starting to think that whatever she has to teach them may have to do with the Power, rather than a significant life lesson. I don't think it's that "We are not weapons. We are men" because the Asha'man should rejoice at hearing such news - I think it was Grady that had a whole chapter in ToM called "Beyond The Taint" or whatever where he reaches a similar conclusion after discussing the Cleansed saidin with Perrin (who also has an epiphany about Rand fighting so he could die). All of that leads me to think it won't be "laughter and tears and respect" or whatever.
  13. I've started saying, "Oh, Light!" and "Burn me!" a lot.
  14. Rand Sedai, purely for his awesomeness in Maradon and his setting down of Cadsuane. I hope people do start calling him Rand Sedai in the next book lol.
  15. Hahaha, I don't think Cadsuane sucks. I think it's a reaction most people have when they read the books because we all sympathise with Rand, our conquering Hero. She does treat him like a child - almost like she wants to turn him into her own lapdog! The EPIC scene in Tower of Midnight where he puts her down by pointing out that he's several decades older than she is made me laugh out loud like a child given sweeties. Rand Sedai = awesome.
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