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What did they bore through?!

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Ok, so there has been a little theory swirling around in me for a little bit now and it goes something like this...

(actually a bunch of little theorys)


So the Aes Sedai in the AOL were looking for an alternate source of energy and so they ended up "drilling" a bore into where the dark one was being imprisoned.

But what did they drill through to get to him and where did the stuff that they removed to make the bore go?? (after all a bore is just a hole, an emptiness)



Firstly here is my suspicions about the DO


I suspect that The Dark One was created by the Creator as the source of power to turn the wheel and was created EVIL by the Creator so that;

a) he would keep turning it with the eventual hope that one day he would Be set free. OR

b) he was imbued with such a hatred of the pattern that he would turn and turn it hoping to one day destroy it - after all if it stops turning, it stops changing and he has no chance to destroy it.

In both cases he has been programmed to unwittingly doing his job.

SO to defeat him for all time you need to replace him with something that will still turn the wheel but is not sentient/evil OR cant be reached by curious Aes Sedai.


Now the missing stuff (my real theory)

Could it be that the missing stuff - the stuff that previously filled the void that constitutes the Bore has now fallen out into Randland? So in order to seal the DO away again Rand needs to get rid of his previous attempt (clear the rubble) and then either recreate that "stuff" or (more likely imo) find the stuff that was taken out and plug up the bore with it.

Cue Fain Theorists =P



And yes i know that this would mean that the DO would be able to be re-bored again in the next age. But thats only if people still have access to the one power and or only matters if the DO is still something to be feared. Im a bit shaky on that part too tbh.


OK OK i know i'm pretty much just rambling now as new ideas come to me. What do all you peoples think? Some parts possible, some bullshit? All Genius? Or all freaking stupid? =P


Feel free to ignore all the crap and just focus on the main idea : That some "stuff" was removed to drill the bore and what could that stuff be????



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This is interesting when considering that the bore isn't really in one place, it's just that there is a thinning in the pattern that allows the bore (and the dark one) to be sensed at SG. So the idea that something has been drawn from the pattern that causes this thinning seems a clue to the nature of the bore.


However, creating the bore sounds like it is related to creating a gateway, especialy how Rand creates them, 'boring a hole from one part of the pattern to the next' as he explains to egwene when she is trying to figure out gateways herself.


In the case of the bore, I would suppose it's a gateway out of the pattern. This doesn't completly disagree with the premise that something was removed and needs to be replaced, or put back, but it could also be possible that there is something keeping the hole open, a standing weave as some people say. I


Makes me think of Asmodean expressing great surprise when Rand holds the gate open going after Avi, adding only/not even (big difference I know, where is that quote?)Lanfear could do the same.


As for fain, well he's more like a missing piece of the dark one :wink: .


The questions remain; what the hell did Lanfear do? And how did she find the dark one?

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I believe that they drilled a hole in the pattern itself.



I think that they are wrong in saying the DO is imprisoned, at least, not in the way they believe.


I think it is not like a box the DO is kept in, but more like he is kept OUT of the pattern.


SO he is not actually sealed away, it is in fact the pattern that is sealed away for protection against the DO.


Thus, Lanfear drilled a hole in the pattern, or whatever protects the pattern from the DO, so the DO could reach a hand through.



Thats my take anyway.


At least it is clear that she drilled through the thinness in the pattern, ripping it apart a bit to either let the DO out of its prison, or allow the DO into the pattern.

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@ Hyronimus - I always thought - like Barid Bel Medar, that they found a "thin" area and then Meiren Drilled the Bore, I mean thats some pretty powerful imagery. You don't have to drill to make a gateway. Also why would she have needed to use a "thin" area if she was making a gateway? Depth/Distance has no consequence. Also "thinness" does imply a specific location.


"As for fain, well he's more like a missing piece of the dark one" - My thoughts exactly, sort of - I mean what if some parts of the DO have gotten into the world or what if what we call the DO is just the most dominant/overt form of many different facets of evil that were trapped outside the pattern - I mean nobody ever said that different types of evil would get along, hatred would hate everything with no bias.

So Fain (and any other facets of evil) would have to be kicked back out of the pattern before it can be sealed.


OR ELSE could Fain represent Humanity's Original Sin? Our intrinsic evil? So to kick him out would be to free humanity?


So many theory's in my head lol



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Just on the subject of Fain. Here is an intereseting snippet that may shed some light on Mordeth/Fain's powers.



Driving Mr. Sanderson (from Half Moon Bay to San Jose), 21 November 2009 - Matt Hatch reporting


Matt: Ok. You mentioned that Mordeth was a man that had "power". You are reported as saying that his power was that "which he got by seeking out all of the evil things that weren’t related to the Shadow"…

Brandon: He was seeking things that were related to the Shadow. I think that that might be a misquote. He was looking into the power of the Shadow in order to defeat it, was his goal. He was looking into everything. He was looking into things that were not necessarily related to the Dark One as well. He was looking for everything that he could get.

Matt: Previous to him arriving to Aridhol?

Brandon: Yeah.

Matt: Before he went to the king and became the counselor, Mordeth was this guy that went around searching for power?

Brandon: Yeah, he wanted to defeat the Dark One and he felt that he could find other ways to do it. He originally was good. He did not…he wasn’t this terrible person to begin with, but he was looking to defeat the Dark One, to find a way to defeat the Shadow. And he looked into a lot of things he shouldn’t have looked into. There are evils that are not necessarily directly related to the Dark One, though everything evil kind of has…just as there are goods that are not related necessarily to the One Power…we are talking much as Perrin runs with wolves. This is a thing older than…there are other evil things that are old in a similar way.

Matt: Is the assumption then that he found one of these?

Brandon: He did.

Matt: He found one or multiple?

Brandon: He found many things of darkness. There is one in specific that is driving him, but he knew too much. He found things he should not have gotten into and that is what turned him into…when he got there he was already corrupt. He still thought he was doing a good work. He still thought, 'We are going to raise this kingdom up and it is going to become this bastion against the Shadow', but he was already by then corrupted.

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Bore is an inter-dimensional "gateway". Lanfear basically ruptured space-time.


Justanotherfacet, thinness is pattern led them to detect DO in first place. Without this thiness, they would not have detected the DO. Bore was more like an accident.

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At least it is clear that she drilled through the thinness in the pattern, ripping it apart a bit to either let the DO out of its prison, or allow the DO into the pattern.


Drilling is drilling for sure,though I was caught by the way Rand described it as 'boring a hole'. I'm not sure that it is exactly a gateway either but I'm guessing the mechanics of creating gateways may have had something to do with what Lanfear did.


Without this thiness, they would not have detected the DO


Um, well i'm just going by the prologue for LoC mostly here but the thinness apeared to be more a byproduct of the bore, seeing as the bore has no physical location. I can't find any mention of the thinness being before the bore. Is there something quotable I've missed?


That happens a bit :biggrin:


Still the clues are there.

I've read here(can't recall where in the books) that SG can't be acessed in TAR, while the pit of doom seems to share many properties of the world of dreams. The creation of gateways seems related to the way the 'real' world and TAR interact.


possibly Lanfear went through TAR and the SG reflection in TAR is where the 'damage' is. Hmm, if perin's hammer is 'real' in TAR as the dream spike was, could it come in handy for some repair work?


or maybe he'll just invent golf and knock fain in the hole :smile:


on Fain, as he is he is new, but i wonder if the evil Mordeth descovered is old old old evil, many turns of the wheel ago.

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I saw this thread and since it concerned the bore I thought I would ask my question here rather than start a new thread. When Rand goes through the rings in Rhuedean(misspelled) and sees the history of the Ael, it mentions that the Aes Sedai were going to test a new method of accessing the one power that would allow the females and males to both embrace both parts. During this test there is great explosion and the ground is shaking and everyone is fearful. The histories after this talk about doing battle with the dark one and the foresaken. Was this test what created the bore hole?

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@ ElAguila


Yes, Yes it was. Lanfear and Beidomon (?Spelling?), leading a research group, tried to discover a new source of power. They did. It just wasn't a very nice source of power.

End result, the research dome was destroyed, Lanfear went dark (or darker) and Beidomon was consumed by guilt and committed suicide some years later.

And there was, you know, a big war and all.


Source - Interviews, and the Big White Book

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