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    If you're wondering... Its an Echidna
  1. Pretty sure everyone is going to move over to The Name of the Wind. Its ungodly awesome
  2. I have to admit, i have never found a series i like more than tWoT... until now. What Rothfuss has created has the potential to become something truly unbelievable.
  3. Hey all, i'm flying off the South America - Argentina, Bolivia and Peru- in about a month and i was wondering whether anyone could suggest a good book or series based in one or all of these countries. For the record, I'm not looking for gritty realism about a middle ages stockbrokers battle with depression over his blahdy blah blah, (im sure we're all familiar with that kind of crap) Im after a wild, whirlwind adventure full of exploration and fun to pep me up about seeing some of the sites like Machu Pichu. I don't care if it s the most ridiculous fantasy fiction, so long as its
  4. God i hope Sanderson flicks through these forums every once in a while. If he reads this thread and implements some of the ideas, the last battle will be EPIC. Even if he doesn't use these ideas, at least it might change his perspective on the use of the power as a weapon. I mean seriously, a fireball the size of a horse (how many times have we read that) was pretty damn ineffective the first time we saw it, surely our heroes wouldn't be so bull headed (lol) as to keep using the same old useless weapon over and over. Plus, surely the mind that came up with 16 different Allomantic met
  5. I think we have to remember that these are women with pretty damn formidable levels of power. Would it not be irresponsible to allow them to waltz about the land, working for an organization which has the goal of administrating the world if they had not proven that they will not crack under extreme pressure. The kind of pressure they are more than likely to have to confront if they are to be a valuable and effective asset. Remember this is a test to join an elite organization. They know the risks and can leave any time.
  6. Luckers : "Thirdly, Cadsuane is Ageless, and therefore bound by her Oaths." Couldnt she just use an inverted, tied off weave to make her look ageless?
  7. Curious to see someone mentioned Matt without luck vs Lan without bond. I had a thread going a while back about how Lan could possibly be the best blademaster since he's old as hell and even if his skills are still there, his reflexes, endurance, sight etc would handicap him. What proceeded to occur was a flood of responses about how the warder bond plus healing is keeping Lan in his prime. I conceded this point. So Lan unbonded vs Matt normal-luck I say Matt will win. Youthful body and several lifetimes worth of combat experience vs old genius with one lifetime of skills
  8. I always got the inkling that Cadsuane had already removed the oaths from herself... Also, its very easy to bash the oaths now-a-days however, in the past, especially during the great wars between mankind, they were probably essential. Think about what they enforce. A sister may not kill another human - and therefore may not become a tool of war. A sister may not construct a power wrought weapon - yet again to give no group of men an advantage over the other A sister may tell no lies - and may not lure mankind into the sisters machinations (Though that one worked less well =P ) W
  9. Hrrm, strangely enough i'm still not satisfied with these answers. I have a feeling that other forms of evil (if not simply Fain) will play a big role in the conclusion of the series. It reminds me of the description of the bore, a thinness in the pattern. A description which gives location to an event. Could the bore literally be a "hole" in the pattern? implying that something was removed to make it?
  10. I agree with Pride for the DO, i always imagined him as a being created by the Creator who would turn and turn and keep turning the wheel in the vain hope that one day he may be free to destroy all of creation and or gain the recognition he deserves. Could Shadar Logoth be gluttony? Mashadar does consume the life from things... Or Wrath? In that it would do anything even destroy its self to fight the Dark One... Im not 100% on the theory either. But since I got the impression that the Creator, created the DO for the purpose of turning the wheel. I've always been curious as to what the
  11. nawww I did my very best that time Luckers! It was only half insulting =(
  12. Hadilmir, I would like to thank you, I think this is possibly the most illuminating theory i have ever read on this forum, "Think of it this way- Metaphysically, there is an ocean of souls 'below' the world in WoT. A living soul extends from the 'Sea of Souls' and into the Pattern, it still originates in the 'ocean', but the 'top' end of the flow reaches into the world. When a soul dies, the column extending from the ocean to the world collapses downwards, like the water running out of a straw. The Dark One can grab said column and stop if from collapsing, but he cannot pull a soul di
  13. Lets start with a quote. Towers of Midnight "Epilogue" Lo, it shall come upon the world that the prison of the Greatest One shall grow weak, like the limbs of those who crafted it. Once again, His glorious cloak shall smother the Pattern of all things, and the Great Lord shall stretch forth His hand to claim what is His. The rebellious nations shall be laid barren, their children caused to weep. There shall be none but Him, and those who have turned their eyes to His majesty. Now I and bunch of other people have been throwing around a theory for a while that the entity that we kn
  14. Is it possible that the black sisters were subverting the testing progress? Making it more difficult for sisters with potential and making it easier for unstable or black sisters??
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