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  1. I'm going on what's been said before on this, but I'm pretty sure it is a part of the powers Mordeth obtained. Fain was a man who had "side stepped the pattern" and Mat's luck seems to take advantage of fate. It's possible it'll be toned down if he isn't Tav'aren any more. edited to add Just a thought to elaborate on the side stepping of fate; but if the taint on the dagger damaged his thread in the pattern as evidenced by the loss of memories then it's possible the wheel has less of a hold on him (it can't even recruit him to the horn, the ultimate expression of the pattern's hold
  2. @ Hagazussa (bit late) P 890 Orbit ed As the use of the power didn't kill him, the ability was burned out (a nice contrast to the creation of DM). Note that being burned out more like being in a stedding, there is no sense of the power at all, only the memory of its use. Being severed is more painful as the source is sensed just out of reach. I guess it might have been nice to have a more explicit sentence like "strangely he did not feel the loss" but oh well.
  3. Hi there Hagazussa, i don't claim to be any kind of expert but Rand describes how the amount of power he channels in the repairing of the bore will burn him out (it's right as he is doing it). This should be a factor affecting his soul's thread as it manifest in this 'birthing'. When he is reborn he should be capable of channaling again. I was surprised at first that he was relieved not to be able to channal. The loss of access to the power is decribed as an absence, or the most favourite of things taken away, it obsorbes the user, Rand in his enlightened state is beyond mourning such
  4. Nakomi is Alivia That's right, and it makes perfect sense. She knows Rand lives in Moridin being the one who helped him leave the cave and swap bodies thus fullfillinf the prophecy that she would help him die. As a damane taken from the seanchan and rehabilitated it makes sense that she would both wear Aiel clothes (not those of a wise one of course) and be schooled in their traditions. She is incredibly old and one would assume possessing incredible wisdom, with a personal understanding of the structure/purpose dominating ones life being overturned and finding a new purpose.
  5. hey ho I only got one solid prediction right; Bergitte dies. There was really no way she could live, hell she wasn't even born! She had to return to the wheel. I guessed Bashere and his wife would both die but that was pure guessing and Mat taking on Demendred on the battle field wasn't a stretch.
  6. she's the only character that hates Tuon as much as I do Even Rand caved on the Damene issue more then i would like. Egwene fulfilled the real need I had for for someone to truely refute Tuons self assumed right.
  7. Wellity wellity.... The idea of the DO 'as the shadow on mens' minds seems a return to the idea of the DO in the first book. Thinking about it, Mordeth possibly represented The DO being found in the world rather then directly at a bore. Still i don't know what to think of the whole world with out a DO with out a reread. Rand had to die though didn't he. I mean the wholoe dragon peace for one thing, was a price for his life (i liked seeing the sea folk being impressed by the 'contract') I don't think the world could handle a living dragon. But i can't like the hero losing his o
  8. Hi just general comments... After the first few chapters were I felt we were reading some of egwene's emotions that i thought we had delt with before. Then things got cranking and I enjoyed the battle scenes. I was sad she died, I really saw her (as I believe someone commented) as part of the 4th age. As respectable as her exit was her highest point was getting Tuon to blink on the damane issue(if only a little, man that tuon makes me grind my teath in these conversations) pity that wand is lost though...
  9. hi all I liked how surprised I was by the Lanfear and Perrin scenes, but feel like i need to do a reread for the foreshadowing, the prophesy right? I liked perrins arc in general, the new power were very cool, I was waiting for the hammer to has some perticuler use (other than beating down darkhounds though that was cool) however I'm thinking it was step and tool for focusing his powers and so served its purpose. On the evils of the flesh If you consider that death in the dream was forever (for a while i was confused and though that perrin was in real danger of being stuck in Tar
  10. Hi there I'm content to consider the three in the boat to be the relationship Rand and his three 'wives' are in. As the saying goes, in the same boat. This is clarified in the books. After some dancing around the issue Avi and Rand define the relationship and Rand accepts rather than beat himself up over it. I like the idea of 'wyld' being the broken wolf, just 'cause it seems kind of need, and we return to the older idea of the midnight towers representing the seanchan. First post, post reading
  11. Here are some thoughts, forgive the repeats. 1.Rand, Perrin, Mat, Egwene and Nyneave will survive. 2a.Nyneave will manage to replicate the DO’s method of resurrection by grabbing Rand’s soul before it is too late though he will probably be returned to his original body (kept fresh somehow). Understanding the Horn of Valere may play some part. 2b. There will be no body swap or ripping from TaR, rather the concepts will inform 2a. 3.The Black Tower (place) will be destroyed. 4.Birgitte will die. 5.Mat will (better!) have a pivotal moment where he hands Demandred his arse
  12. Some threads are essential What remains in the turning of the wheel is a pattern the wheel threads, some of which form the basic shape of the age, and with which it will use other threads to aid the growth of this shape with no particular care (so some change is possible), the certain basic threads, those essential lives that lead to equally essential actions preserve the integrity of creation. The horn is essential This is manifest in the Horn of Valare. The souls bound to it ta’varen, threads to maintain the pattern; are they essential threads or aids to those threads? The how and when o
  13. Nice theory! Thanks for pointing out the possiblities left with the sea folk hope we see some of this come through in MOL. Got me thinking how like the Aiel the seafolk are. two societies still scared by the breaking. Isloationist, completly suspicious of ousiders. Living in a strange and hostil environment that has defined their customs with each other. both have created a place in their societies for their channellers, which they keep hidden from the AS. Mist importatly they have a seperate saviour; the carrmore the caracarn and prophesies to go with it. parrallels that enfor
  14. Hi all! I've been muling over this topic which has been touch on often; there was a thread which didn't have quite the focus i was thinking of so... Basicly what do you consider essential to this age? By essential I mean what will happen again in the next third age. One thing I have heard is that by the time the 2nd age comes again the Aiel will need to return to the way of the leaf but it seems that the way of the leaf is not what defines the Aiel so much as they are dedicated, for example the travelling people kept the way of the leaf but gave up on their task for the AS. th
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