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  1. Real question is this: How did light-siders mange to make a True Power Sa'angreal? None of them could channel it and I doubt you could make one without pouring TP in it. A 'chosen" helped them?
  2. Perhaps Demandred was simply "ordered" to actually fight the troops. Demandred kept asking for a chance to kill LTT and Moridin kept slapping his hand.
  3. My 2 cents again since people are being logical and what not..War of Shadow was 10 year long protracted war. Only when Light was about to lose, LTT launched a sneak attack on SG to seal away the DO. That plan had good chance of failure and he had over 110 powerful male Aes Sedai with him. Rand could not have pulled same stunt this time again. Shadow had no idea Rand had a knife that can shield him from DO. LTT didn't. Even then, Moridin was waiting. Why would Demandred be guarding the bore? Shadow needed no protection this time. Moridin was key to Rand's victory. Imagine if he wasn't there! Le
  4. Just so that we are reading the same book. No one could have stopped Demandred as long as he had that Sa'angreal in hand. "Light" didn't send Gawyn. "Light" was fine with Demandred screaming and occasionally shooting laser because he wasn't killing many troops. His troops were bigger concern. Seeing Galad, first thing Deamdred does is..yes he channels and fails. And Galad had already announced that he was Dragon's brother. So for Demandred it was first true chance to pull LTT out. Demandred didn't let Galad live. He was attacked by Logain when he was watching Galad die and in ensuing bs, Anno
  5. Mordeth? Or dissolve into Mashadar (Shiasam?)
  6. So why did we need Moiraine? Rand could have taken any other woman to SG.
  7. Actually, he did try. On all of them. The copies were ..well copies. Enough one power and you could overwhelm them. And he had enough power. Since he didn't know they were imperfect, he didn't go all Sa'angreal.
  8. Yeah that part in the book made me tear up something fierce. None of the deaths did, but that part nailed me. That's only happened for me a few times in books, and the most recent one was also by Brandon Sanderson in Way of Kings Dalinar!
  9. He managed to convince them that Light will lose and under his leadership, Sharans will find ...mercy.
  10. My take on Demandred: He did say that a general doesn't participate in actual fight but he was bit unhinged at the end, wasn't he? So why was he out in the open? To pull Rand out, ofcourse. That is my understanding of why he didn't just kill everyone. He was making a show. I was more concerned about him suddenly acquiring a sa'angreal out of the blue. Gawyn jumped on him. He could have "spared" Galad but Galad had made certain claims . Lan was...unexpected? Demandred was consumed by besting and killing LTT. That did him.
  11. According to Demandred, LTT was better. Everytime Demandred screamed "Lews Therin", in my head it was Iron Bars screaming "Skinner"!
  12. Demandred claims it. Wtf not? This is Last Battle! Story has always been from POV of Rand landers. How could we have "last battle" when most of the humanity is sitting and watching? And how could you get "sharan" POV since we don't know any? I give you the flame of Tar valon thingy. Callandor is a Sa'angreal without buffer!
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