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  1. Ultimately Rand holds the trump card. Everybody knows and from what we can tell they also believe that Rand has to be at the last battle or the world will fall to the shadow. So Rand can threaten to simplay walk away from the last battle to the nearest portal stone if they don't want to agree with his plan. I personally don't think his character would do that but it is a credible threat. I don't think Egwene in particular is any worse than 99% of all men and women who can channel. They tend to believe that because they can channel, they are better people than those who can't. So I don't understand just Egwene bashing when it should include many others as well. The few exceptions I have found to this are primarily the wise ones.
  2. This is a purely hypothetical question using the boundaries that we know of within the world of the story. We know that balefire burns you out of the pattern. The stronger the balefire the further back in time your pattern is erased. Would it have been possible for Rand to use the Choedan Kal and channel that through the bar that was stolen by the Black Ajah that created balefire? If so could he have created strong enough balefire to use on Lanfear so that she was burned out of the pattern before she created the bore that breached the prison of the DO thus averting the breaking of the world?
  3. Remmber that Nynaeve can still be taken out of the picture if say she comes up pregnant. Remember what happens when you try to channel when you are pregnant. Definitely wouldn't want that happening. I doubt this will be the case but I mentioned because it does give an easy out for Nynaeve not to be one of those in the link.
  4. I may have missed something but with the way Alanna was interested in Perrin and Mat, I got the feeling that she wanted to bond all 3. I thought she seemed like a glory seeker. The one who bonded the Dragon and if she could have the one who bonded 3 Ta'varan and led them to victory over the dark one.
  5. I saw this thread and since it concerned the bore I thought I would ask my question here rather than start a new thread. When Rand goes through the rings in Rhuedean(misspelled) and sees the history of the Ael, it mentions that the Aes Sedai were going to test a new method of accessing the one power that would allow the females and males to both embrace both parts. During this test there is great explosion and the ground is shaking and everyone is fearful. The histories after this talk about doing battle with the dark one and the foresaken. Was this test what created the bore hole?
  6. If you remember early on when Rand first tried to use a portal stone with Verin and Matt and the others, he saw many times where he fought the dark one or his minions. And in those other lives it mentioned, he was never mentioned as being the dragon reborn but was still called LTT by the dark one.
  7. I am in the re-read of Shadow Rising and I had forgotten about the history when passing through the rings at Rhuedean. It tells of flying vehicles and weapons called shocklances and vehicles traveling much faster than wagons that didn't need horses so there was indeed some high tech.
  8. One thing I can say with certainty. Threads like this show me that RJ did a good job at creating characters that readers react to.
  9. I haven't posted much here but since I started my re-read of the series I have come to realize that it is not necessarily Egwene's character that I dislike. It is the entire attitude/culture/way of life of the Aes Sedai. They believe that because they can channel that makes them better than other people. Initially Egwene was just a country girl wanting something more out of life. But she got swept up into that culture and it now a part of her. If you think about it, it not her that started everything going downhill but rather the Aes Sedai attitude from the get go.
  10. I am not sure if what I have to say are actual spoilers but just in case I wanted to make it known in the title. I decided to read through the books again before reading the last 2 that have been released. I have a question about a couple of things and I am wondering if I am way off base here. I remember about artifacts that are either found or talked about such as flashlights and even a stasis box. Is this world such that a long time ago in the their past they had advanced technology but when they discovered the one power technology kind of became unnecessary? Weren't they studying the one power when they started the bore hole but sealed it when they realized what was there?
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