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Channeling Saidin 101


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All right class, gather around, gather around.

In a moment we will begin and I will be demonstrating basic weaves that everyone should know.

This might be new, or just a refresher, but either way, everyone in your seats.....er.....everyone bring your own seats I suppose, we don't have any.

*makes a note to request chairs from Talya*


Okay, once everyone gets here we can begin.


Attendance So Far:








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Alright I'm not going to wait any longer to start, so you guys will just get more points than anyone else who shows up late.


Okay, first we start with embracing the source.


Step One: Forget all that sissy crap about flowers and opening yourself up and blah blah blah. We don't do that here.


Step Two: The preferred method by our wonderful Dragon Reborn [AKA Talya ;)] is to clear your mind and seek the void.

Now if you aren't familiar with the void, imagine, well a void, then all your emotions going into a flame.


Step Three: By now, you should sense Saidin. Now Saidin is tricksy, so just, you know, whistle innocently, and then when it least expects it, snatch it right by the tail and hold it. That's right Saidin has a tail now.


Step Four: Don't woose out now and 'embrace it, letting it flow over you.' You gotta fight it into submission. Only then can you really control it.


Once you have completed these steps, you should be holding the source, and we can move on to more fun stuff.


So everyone try this out. Also, while it is okay if you don't get it your first try, we may all point and laugh. I don't have a dunce cap handy, so you will all have to deal without it. :wink:

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*after losing focus once, he grasps Saidin, and trys to drag in a comfy chair carefully. but instead send it flying into Pruthvish's chair, shattering both chairs*

oops.... that wasnt supposed to happen was it?

Sorry Pruth...

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I think I feel something. Oh, it was just a flying chair. Let´s try again.!!


Void. Void. Void. All emotions in the flame. There you go. Hm, nice place to be in. *Sences something that isn´t a chair.*


This is saidin? Good lord! *starts to wrestle it* I´ve got it!


No, I lost it! Come on! Got it again!


Wow, what a feeling. I can do anything with this. *evil laughter*

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Ok clear mind


*mind clear. Wait what is that ticking sound. No, no. Ignore the ticking sound. Takes deep breath and clears mind.*


*Starts to sense Saidin. Whistles while the tail swishes around. Quick as lightning grabs the tail*


Woohoo...I got it! *sharp pain* Ouch! It bit me!


Ok, going to try again...

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*loses his temper* Arrgh!!! Man I'm gonna get you for that *siezes Saidin and lashes out with Fire, instantly igniting the remains of the chairs, and then slashes Volke's weave with a crude weave of Spirit* Take that :tongue:

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So everyone seems nice and comfortable so I think we'll begin.


Now still holding the source reach out and weave the most basic element, spirit.

Spirit may not be much on its on most of the time, but can combine to make some crazy weaves.

For now, though, just try to weave a nice thread of spirit, and once you've got it, direct it into your neighbors head when they aren't looking. Makes them all paranoid, classic.

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*walks in the door* *is so short he hits his head* Ouch! Hey, you really got make these doors shorter you know!


*grumbles and sits on the floor since he didn't bring a chair either* I'll show all these recruits how it's done.


Step one, forget the sissy crap.....*can't stop thinking about flowers....stops thinking about flowers, flowers, flowers, FLOWERS* GYAHHA, *mentally balefires flowers*


*nods satisfactorily* Step two, toss the emotions. *imagines a void....ray from starcraft II, and pawning enemies with its prismatic beam* Gr, no, not that void! *has all his void rays get destroyed by hydralisks* There. *imagines a flame*...*is pyrophobic* ....Talmanes....can I imagine lava instead?..... *imagines a volcano* *tries to push his mountain of emotions off the edge* *it doesn't budge* *pushes harder* *the emotions finally move and I go flying off the cliff with it* Uh-oh! *lands on the top of his emotions and jumps off them back onto the volcano* Woofda. *watches without satisfaction as his emotions fizzle* *busts a move*...*gets a song caught in his head* *loses The Game* .....Why? *transforms into an emotionless robot* Aha, gotcha.


Step three, snag Saidin by the tail. *sees Saidin taking a bath*....Maybe now's not the best time. *waits until Saidin is done* *sneaks behind it and lunges at its tail* *trips over an imaginary tree root* .....*Saidin turns* Er, er, hey, um....would you like some pizza? "Pizza? Yeah, sure. Pepperoni please." Hehe, that'll be $3.99. *Saidin hands it over* Great, be right back. *doesn't move* *Saidin turns around* *grabs its tail* *smiles satisfactorily* *loses the void*


Gah! *gets up and walks away*



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