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I do be new.


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So I decided last year to get back into reading after not reading a book for years after reading some Harry Potter and I think the last books I read was LotR

♥ WoT, probably more than LotR tbh, mainly cus I watched the movies while reading the books which kind of ruins the experience ;_;

About myself if you want to know: From Australia. ♂ 22. Can channel and already half-mad.

I just finished TSR and onto TFoH. Slowly reading through when I get some time to relax in the evening and don't have assignments to work on.

I prefer absolute silence when reading so I can properly immerse myself in it, without distractions.


favourite character is Perrin 'Goldeneyes' Aybara. First thing I thought about Goldeneyes was 007James Bond. I ♥ the relationship he has with Faile/Zarine Bashere.

In general I find the slower parts of the books more interesting than the action scenes. Getting to know the characters thoughts and personalities better and their feelings towards each other. I will confess now I almost weep from some of the parts with Perrin. The very least I tear up a bit.


So I have some questions about the end of TSR [*So if you're new aswell don't read this part*]

I had to read it several times and read some internet discussions before figuring out just who Lanfear and Asmodean were disguised as.

At first I thought Lanfear was disguised as Isendre. Lanfear says "Do you think I could stand to be fat, ugly Keille?" ~ "Isendre, now. Slim beautiful Isendre. I thought if you suspected, you would suspect her...."

I thought this meant Rand suspected Keille instead. So that Lanfear swapped with Isendre every now and then.

Was there anything before the fight with Asmodean to clarify:

1) What Rand actually had planned? I felt kind of out-of-the-loop still unsure what exactly he was planning.

2) What Lanfear/Asmodeans plans were? I swear it never mentioned anything about their plans . Lanfear just says that Rand ruined all her planning and Asmodean got scared and ran away to Rhuidean.

3) Was there anywhere that suggested Rand knew Keille was Lanfear / Natael was Asmodean? Before Rand Travelled through the black doorway and saw that Asmodean was disguised as Jasin Natael. Keille and Natael were outside Alcair Dal when Rand went in and then it started raining after Rand was declared Car'a'Carn by the Clan Chiefs and then Lanfear put a shield around Rand and herself.


I'll have to read more into TFoH, maybe some things will be clarified later on [don't tell me I haven't read much of TFoH]


Thanks for any insight you can give from your point of view on TSR

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Welcome! I would not look in at the WoT Discussion, there is alot of spoilers for you, being so new and only up to FoH.

But you can still enjoy all the social groups etc...



I'll try to answer your questions briefly, some may be revealed later, so I shalll leave them as RAFO (read and find out)


Re: Lanfear Kellie. Lanfear was Kellie, always. She thought Rand would not think her able to hide as such an ugly person. I am not sure if they clarify what Rand thought.


1.In regards to Asmodean, he planned, as you saw, to cut his protection from the DO (so he suffered from the Taint as well) and use him as a teacher.


2. Ill say RAFO on this. It could be answered, but yeah, there may be something interesting to do with it.


3. Yeah, there was heaps of evidence. Just the way they acted and such. Asmodean being who he is (you will find out more in FoH). Kellie taking control of everything. There is not any scene that has anything to show they are DF, like talking about the DO, but just through their actions, it is plain to see. (once you have found out, of course.)

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Welcome to DM, Defuya! I just got my sister into reading WOT and she's on The Shadow Rising right now.


I have to admit, when I first read the series, Perrin wasn't a favorite, but after several rereads, he's really grown on me. I feel like I understand him better now.


Your questions might be better asked in the WOT Discussion boards; there are a lot of people there who are quite knowledgeable about the books :smile: You may be wanting to avoid there because of spoilers, but you can check the Structured Discussions boards. There's a thread for each book, and spoilers beyond each book aren't allowed in those threads.


I can help answer your questions, but I want to kind of flip through TSR first, because there are a lot of things that I can't remember if they were in TSR or Fires of Heaven. I will say that, in general, I think a lot of that is clarified more in FoH.


I don't think much of Lanfear/Asmodean's plan is hinted at in TSR, and I'm thinking that if it's hinted that Rand knows about it, it's very very vaguely hinted. I'm pretty sure the fisrt time I read TSR, I felt pretty out-of-the-loop at the end as well, with the Rand/Asmodean showdown. However, I'm also thinking that later, when I reread the series, I picked up on little hints.


Anyhow, I shall have to review the book and get back to you for sure.

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Thanks. I just found this blog http://www.tor.com/blogs/2009/05/the-wheel-of-time-re-read-the-shadow-rising-part-21

So, to put my initial confusion on the whole Lanfear/Asmodean plot to bed, it seems that Lanfear was definitely Keille, not Isendre, Lanfear did not know about the Couladin thing (or the Rhuidean thing) beforehand, and while Rand knew the two of them were skulking about, he totally fell for the Kadere/Isendre strawmen.

I'm glad it's not just me that was confused. The amount of times RJ will reference something from right at the beginning of the book [like Lanfear changing appearance] and I can always remember her changing appearance at some point, but just can't remember exactly where I read it. I find it eventually and go "oh, yeah"

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Heya there fellow Aussie!


Which part of Oz are you from? I'm on the NSW North Coast myself and there are quite a few of us hanging around DM these days... shhhhh we are trying to take over, come join us LMAO!!


Anyway look forward to seeing you around, and by all means drop me a PM or post here if you have any questions about anything on DM.



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Lol yeah we are getting more and more Aussies.

Welcome to Dragonmount!

Now I have to say the part about channeling and being half mad, makes me think you might enjoy the Black Tower Social Group.

I'm a Storm Leader over there, and let me tell you, you won't find a more delightfully insane place. We can help you work on losing that last bit of sanity lol.

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