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What Should I Watch on Netflix?


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Any suggestions?


Thinking about making a run through Babylon 5 again. It's been 3, maybe 4 years since I've gone through the series. They just put a bunch of older James Bond films out there as well. Dare I even start? I've seen them so many times but it's been a while.


They've also added the first three seasons of the original Twilight Zone and the entire run of the original Mission Impossible television series.


It's like a buffet. Too much to choose from. Help!

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What I've been watching recently:


Archer Season 1 (highly suggest it)

The League Season 1 (highly suggest it too)

Dollhouse Seasons 1 & 2


If you like martial arts, check out a movie called Ip Man on Instant. One of my favorite martial arts movies ever.

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Here is what I offer blindly...


The Wire - Best show ever on TV

Arrested Development - Probably the funniest show on TV ever

Deadwood, Rome, Justified - A little gritty but great TV

Doctor Who, Torchwood, Being Human - British TV that I love

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