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Fain and the Two Rivers..

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I'm doing a re-read, and I've just noticed, Fain knew that the one the Dark One was seeking was either Mat, Perrin or Rand.


"Fain knew for certainty that the one he sought was on of three in Emond's Field."


What I'm wondering, is why the Trollocs bothered attacking the other Two Rivers boy's homes, why not just Perrin, Mat and Rand's?

That would have been a lot easier, if you ask me.

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moraine says that only rand's and perrins farms were attacked the others were burned as a distraction and only killed if people got in their way


Mat's home was too, I believe. I'm pretty sure Fain rushed the attack when he found out an Aes Sedai was in the village, hence so few trollocs.

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