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  1. I'm afraid I'm one of "them" - I find 7-10 dull and uninspiring even on the rereads (which I dread and tend to skim). It's not that nothing significant happens, it does, just that it's so drawn out and the Perrin/Faile and Bowl of the Winds parts I find particularly excruciating. I was almost ready to give up as I trudged through COT as I just wasn't enjoying the series so much as I used to, thankfully shear bloody minded stubbornness and necessity to see what happened to these people I traveled with for so many books kept me going until the "rewards" of KOD+. But some people seem to enjoy even COT, different strokes....
  2. "Shadowmarch" is good, but by no means Williams' best. If you're already a fan you'll want to read it, but if you're just starting to read Williams' you'd be much better off starting with his "Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn" series, or reading his "Otherland" series which, I believe and is certainly my feeling, is considered his best series to date. "Shadowmarch" ends up playing it a bit safe and conventional, which is sad because his other fantasy series "Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn" broke from a lot of conventions of it's day. But my recommendation, if you haven't read Williams' before and you want to see him at his best, is go buy "City of Golden Shadow." If you're not hooked by the end of the Prologue, you should just move on to another author. But I can practically guarantee you you'll want to keep reading. Ta for that I might give "City of Golden Shadow." a shot then many years ago I did read "The Dragonbone chair" and liked it a lot but never got around to the otherws due to college. Thats why I thought I would like Tad's stuff.
  3. In fact I think the kids in the books are way too young. I suspect that even GRR Martin regrets that because most of the kids can't really turn into adults by the end of the series which means he can't use them to their full potential. I think there's a reason why for a while he was toying with the idea of having 5 years pass between 2 books to let the kids grow up first. But I guess he then realized that he can't do it cause Westeros wouldn't just stand still and let them grow up. I'm pretty sure George said this himself somewhere, now finish the book George!
  4. Yes you do learn technique, I don't disagree with that. Although depending on the discipline it can be a disadvantage. Take a pure boxer for example and throw him into an MMA fight with a someone of comparable skill, more often than not the boxer is going to get wrecked. They don't have the skillset to defend grappling and kicking, while one of the first things you learn in BJJ is how to avoid taking punches while securing a clinch or takedown. Likewise taking an MMA guy and throw him into a street fight where groin shots, throat strikes, kicking a downed opponent and numerous other things that are prohibited and hence not trained for and his odds go down. Looking at how psychology effects training/competition versus the real thing there is a definite impact on skill. You might have the technique with say a sword but are you really willing to run it through somebody's neck? Do you have the same confidence in your ability to defend yourself when failure means maiming or death? Can you maintain the same level of calmness and practice or do you become nervous and uptight when confronted with someone that wants to kill or severely hurt you? How willing are you to engage someone that you worry is more talented than you? Those types of things will make someone hesitate or become sloppy if they do not have the proper make up mentally. Plenty of guys are great marksman or infantrymen in training but have trouble pulling a trigger or staying calm when it is pointed at a real person who is shooting back. Not everyone has it in them to be callous or sadistic even if they have the talent physically. I have known some guys that are great at MMA or boxing and enjoy the sport but are at heart really nice guys, in a real situation they won't press out of fear of hurting someone. It makes them restrained. You mention JCVD, he might take a punch like sissy (I have no clue tbh, maybe the guy is hardcore). Go watch the first couple UFCs when it was essentially a no holds barred contest and drew in guys from various disciplines. There were quite a few guys that thought they were accomplished fighters but when they got hit for real or put in an uncomfortable spot you can see the shock and panic on their faces. This: An athlete would have an obvious physical advantage but a soldier's training is how to kill and not be killed using whatever method is required without thought of empathy or "fairness", this has to be taught to most people as it's not a society norm.
  5. Currently re-reading Brian Lumley's original "Necroscope" series, for me the ONLY vampires that matter! I reread them regularly! Before that I read Patrick Rothfuss "The Name of the Wind" which I did enjoy but is no classic. Can't seem to get into Stan Nicholls' "Orcs" or Tad Williams' "Shadowmarch" - are they worth the effort?
  6. Very well put and argued! I'd have Demandred, Moridin and Sammael though. The generals for strategic and tactical ability and Moridin for his ability to "get inside Rand's head" with Be'lal or Rahvin next in line.
  7. I dunno either I never met RJ, but now I'm curious to know the gist of what he's saying, I always found his portrayal of women as a bit strange anyway.
  8. 1. A Rand POV explaining WHY he has ignored the Dark Tower after practically being bludgeoned over the head with hints "The M'Hael will kill us if. . . .(we are late for dinner?)" and outright statements (from Logain) that leaving Taim in charge there is handing possibly his most effective weapon over to someone who, at best, is extremely suspect. 2. A Graendal POV explaining the how/why/where of Asmodean. Then she can bite the dust, she was always my least favourite forsaken. 3. Galad's letter from Verin, is it the "The Dragon Reborn is your bro"? 4. Uno! 5. Will the Seanchan rule all in the end? Just a few of the top of my head.
  9. So, the Wheel of Time is Star Ocean 3?! Also, I don't think I have won again, Lews Therin was the Dark One. It seemed a lotre like Ishamael's schtick. Besides, if it was the Dark One, wouldn't it have been I HAVE WON AGAIN, LEWS THERIN Since clearly the Dark One belives that capslock is the Cruise Control for Cool. Got to agree with my fellow new Band member here - I always thought that line was from Ishamael!
  10. Good ol Moridin!!! If I was Mat, I'd take bets on that...but I'm not! The fence may be uncomfortable but...I have no clue but if they blow off the "so-called Aiel" thing casually I'll be upset as I was with the Asmodean glossary one.
  11. True, but now that Gawyn has the warder bond too will he not be "enhanced"? Anyway by the time Gawyn decided if he was on my side or not I'd be long dead, I'd rather trust Lan's single minded decisiveness.
  12. If it was practice or competition I'd say Gawyn with speed of hand, but if it was life or death I'd rather have Lan and his years of experience beside me (or better yet, in front of me! ).
  13. "Duty is heavy than a mountian, Death lighter than a feather" is probably best, its from a Japanese proverb, isn't it? But my favourite as always is "Kneel and swear to the Lord Dragon, or you will be knelt", good 'ol Taim!
  14. Cenn Buie, the true hero! Well, maybe, my friends opinion was I'd be Perrin when we all started reading WOT years ago I could see where they got that from character wise.
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