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  1. Gaidal is older than her, not younger. This is why he was gone from TAR before she was torn out. Just clearing that up. He had been spun out first yes, but as a baby, the proper way. She was torn out out afterwards but as a young adult. So he would technically be younger in body. Yes, but usually he would have been older had she not been torn out. This is in direct contrast with servant of all's comment: Bridgette Always said Gaidal was much younger than her.
  2. There are precious few friendships in the series, regardless of gender. It's curious, because I think Jordan excels at character development and consistency, but he does a generally poor job with relations between those characters. People fall in love simply because they need to for plot purposes, they treat their so-called friends like garbage (Egwene is the worst offender here), and there are very few instances of people showing genuine concern for each other. It's a rare and startling moment when a character does as little as hug another, as Nynaeve did for Rand in ToM. That would
  3. Gaidal is older than her, not younger. This is why he was gone from TAR before she was torn out. Just clearing that up.
  4. Well he is seen by Mat in one of his memories, would that count?
  5. Title says it all. Mine is the amount of sexism. Seriously, it caused me to put the book down on several occasions, and after I read The Way of Kings I realised how childish it made the characters seem. All of them, seriously. It had me fuming at some points.
  6. Well, if Rand simply seals the DO away again, Shai'tan has won. RJ focused on this age and gave us the WoT philosophy, as well as Moridin's own philosophy, and if Rand doesn't do something totally different then there has been no real win or conclusion. I just don't think RJ was that sort of writer.
  7. Maybe, but that doesn't really make for a very good conclusion.
  8. My assumption about the end of the series is that Rand (imbued with LTT's memories, past mistakes and successes) will "kill" Shai'tan, in the broad sense of the word. Why not? He reversed the DO's touch on saidin, a touch which effected the entire, incomprehensible well of saidin, stretching the Choeden Kal *spelling* to their limits at the same time. These apparently had enough power to challenge and kill the DO (Thanks Lanfear), and possibly the Creator. If he was able to do that, is it not possible that he will find some way to destroy Shai'tan? I know he doesn't have the Choeden Kal an
  9. I got to page three, but I have to go to sleep, don't blame me for repeating arguments or whatever. Rand accepts that he is Lews Therin, we are all agreed upon that point. Now this is obviously a unique situation, with Rand breaking down the walls between the lives, therefore breaking the rules and all that stuff. He now has all the same memories and experience that Lews Therin did, and remember doing all of the thing Lews Therin did. Since he has accepted that they are the same soul, and in his own words the same person, this then means that he did do all of the things Lews Therin did, an
  10. Well, basically the entire Teenage Fantasy album by Secret and Whisper. I listened to it whilst I read through, and it just fits perfectly for me.
  11. I constantly see people saying that at least one of the main three should have died at some point, to create more suspense or some rubbish. Problem there is that their survival is one of the most important components of a good-guy ending. Seen through Min's viewings when Rand and Perrin are together (little lights going into shadow). That said, if it wasn't crucial that they survived, it would have been nice for one of them - or at least one of the other peripherals to die.
  12. We've realised that part, but what if a patch with very little minerals (say, it had no iron but plenty of stone) came to the surface during a Breaking, and so became the main inhabited bit of land. There would obviously be some metal, and those sent up by volcanoes. The question was not why is there not ANY left, it was why is it impossible that there could be very little left in a large chunk of land recently uncovered? And then, how do you think civilisation could develop? Different question now.
  13. You see, this is the sortof reply I was looking for. What if a major continent was created, brought to the surface and not submerged in water after a breaking, and so obviously becomes the new habited and civilised centro, but that continent was one previously mined diligently by many, many Ages? You can say it won't happen, but please, humour me. AND! I'm talking Age of Legends style. I'm almost definite they would have mined deeper than 3.5 km.
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