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Stilling and the TP


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I think the applicable part of what RJ said is that you have to be able to channel to be able to channel the True Power. Someone who has been severed cannot channel. I would think that would preclude channeling the TP. Others who know more are welcome to chime in.

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Yes, that's right.

Knife of Dreams tour San Jose, CA 28 October 2005 - Frenzy reporting


Frenzy: Can a person who hasn't actively channeled yet be severed or stilled?

RJ: (paraphrased) "No, you have to have something to take away something, so a person has to have an active connection to the Source to be able to have it cut."

Budapest Q&A - April 2003


Q: And so the other Forsaken seem to be afraid of using the True Power?

RJ: Well, they are, because they know this; they will use it when they have to, but they limit it, because they know that if you use it enough to let the saa begin to appear, then you are on a spiral and once they begin appearing, they begin appearing more often. And eventually, unless you are given immortality by the Dark One, you are dead. Now, the thing is, they don't wanna die. This is really great, it is a really great honor to be given the ability to tap into the True Power. Which is not inherently stronger than the One Power. It's not that it is stronger in any way. It is just something that does not have some of the limitations of the One Power. Other people can't feel you embracing it, or using it, like the One Power.

Q: -?-

RJ: Yeah, you could.

Q: -?-

RJ: Yeah, you could burn out with the True Power.

Q: Only True Power, or One Power too?

RJ: With the True Power as well as the One Power you can burn out.

Q: Can you sever a person from the True Power with One Power?

RJ: Not in the same way. If you try to gentle a man or still a woman who's capable of using the True Power you'd have to use another method.

Q: So it is not only the Dark One who can stop giving the Forsaken the True Power, but they can be cut off as Asmodean was cut off.

RJ: Read and find out on Asmodean. I'm not gonna tell you.

RJ: They could be cut off, but the problem with that is, nobody knows how to do it. It is possible that some of the Forsaken themselves know how to do it, but nobody else does.Q: What happens when Rand and Asmodean have this conflict and ...

Q1: ... and Rand severs his ties with the Dark One ...

Q2: ... and Rand severs some black ties. Isn't that ...

RJ: That was cutting off his protection from the Taint and also cut off his ability, it was not like stilling them. It was cutting the ties that, most important to him, protected him from the Taint on saidin, so he could draw saidin all he wanted to and never worry about the Taint. But it was also those ties that represented his ability, or the conduits by which he could draw on the True Power. But it was not his ability to draw, it was not the same thing as stilling or severing, it was more like shielding.

I guess the bold goes for those actively channeling the TP? Or is it those granted the ability as well? (I think it could be...)

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I'm sure I've read somewhere that the TP is a filtered, distorted, version of the OP, but for the life of me I cannot find the source. (Er... pun not intended) But I wondered, if that was the case, whether Rand could Still the DO...


I thought the DO was the source of the TP. You'd have to balefire the DO to obliterate him.

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