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POLAND says hello


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... for seven years, but don't tell my fiance, please :unsure: .



Yeah, and it happened to me when I was 16- just at the age when all real princesses should fall in love :rolleyes: . Then, after reading WH, I fell for the man of flesh and blood, left home to became a history student and had a few years break in reading WoT, almost forgetting that passion... almost. About 10 weeks ago I read NS and... well, suddenly found myself totally obsessed with WoT again.


So, my message for all English language folks here: do appreciate your english language sfuff. I am amazed how many WoT things is available in the US- books in different versions, ebooks with stunning covers, audiobooks... even a ToM trailer, come on! In Poland the majority of WoT books has not been available for years, even though there were reprints. I just spent a fortune to complete my series with some shabby secondhand ones. And we're still waiting for tGS so I must be very careful not to read some spoilers here. I'm gonna read the tGS, ToM and aMoL in English not to wait for eternity, but can you imagine reading aMoL, right in the middle of TG thrilling, breathtaking action... and then a need to lookup a word in a dictionary? But maybe it will save me from a certain death from crying when reading the final chapters.


Well, hello and sorry for so many words (wanna be a writer and am not able to write briefly) :laugh:

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Spending a semester in Spain, I totally understand the difficulty with finding WoT books and resources and especially the books in your primary language....and they only have hardback books here which are crazy expensive and it's in twenty volumes and ugh I really want to reread the series but I would literally become broke if I bought them here *sighs*


Anyways, welcome to DM! Take a look around and have some fun! I know one place you will barely find spoilers is in the social orgs. I personally recommend the White Tower and the Band of the Red Hand! Hope to see you around!

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Guest PiotrekS

I'm from Poland too :smile:


It is a shame, but IMHO Polish translation of WOT is really horrible and Polish readers get a distorted and corrupted version of this elegant prose. Reading in English is in fact not a luxury, but a necessity. I am really sorry about it, because Polish translations of good foreign literature are usually highly professional.


I have bought Tom from Amazon UK. I had the book about two weeks after release, so I was quite happy, even though I would have perfered to get it on day 1:smile:

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Welcome to DM! :biggrin:


I am going to say that Poland does the best vodka ever. Nothing beats Zubrowka! Blame a friend from uni who got me addicted to the stuff! And my parents, who have been to Poland for a couple of holidays now. I don't think it will be long until I am on my way there...just need to convince the girlfriend!


There is at least one other Pole on the site. He goes under the name of Arrandion, and can be found in the Band of the Red Hand.


Enjoy browsing the site, and don't hesitate to ask us any questions if you get lost or want a bit of help.

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