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  1. Josh, Very cool. Hey, I set up a group on www.meet up.com and we can find some more people that way. I agree that we need more than 2. Five might be perfect. Check it out. I do have one friend who introduced me to the books but she's not as available. If we get a few more she might be available sparingly. Way too much to talk about regarding these books!
  2. Buy an iPad and download all the books you want from Amazon! I have all 13 books on my iPad. Best decision I ever made.
  3. Puny

    I do think he will have a big part to play. He still have his glory to come accoring to Mins viewing. About the name.. I wouldn´t mind being his pet lol. How he handled the Red ones in the Tower was brilliant =)

  4. Not knocking it but he just doesn't appear so much. What do you think he'll do in the last book. I bet he kicks that other guy's ass in the end. M'Hail or whatever that other Black Tower guy calls himself. I like Min

  5. What's wrong with Egwene? She's a bit booty tooth but I wouldn't hate her. She's got alot going on not to forget all those beatings she took.
  6. Why ot both? In person you can passionately disagree over a cup of coffee while everyone tries to talk at the same time and eventually we talk of other things too and online you can leave a message to be replied to a day later. Both work! I'll have to read the books again too because I consumed them like a starved person and I can't say I remember everything.
  7. Puny

    Is it =P.

    I´m Logain´s Pet lol. Nah but I´ve always had a fascination for Logain from the beginning. And certain events has made me like him even more. And I used to rp WoT and Logain had a big part in that lol

  8. Yeah, I've never been in a book discussion club. Someone suggested start with the Internet (Facebook club) then proceed from there to eventually in person but not sure who meets in person anymore. Would have to find people in Vegas who read the book.
  9. Dpaz


    Very cool. Always liked seeing this chapter icon.
  10. New member from Las Vegas. I'm looking to start a book discussion club on this series. Anyone have any ideas on how to successfully go about it? I'd like to start a club that actually meets in person. Any Vegas fans of the series out there?
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