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APPROVED - AIEL - Thoric (warrior) - CCd by WK


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Full name: Thoric

Age: 29

Clan: Dragonmount



Physical appearance: "6'6" 248 LBS, Spiked Blonde Hair, Baby Blue Eyes, Tanned Skin. Very Muscular Build. Long scar on right arm, Arrow scar on side of forehead.

Physical weakness: Stealth and balance.

Physical strength: Speed and Strength

Personality: Wears his emotions on his sleeves. very passionate, fearless and firey are the best words to describe him.

Personality weakness: Trust issues, can be emotional (for an Aiel)

Personality strength: Charisma and passion


Special: Thoric's whole life consisted of become the Perfect Warrior. His knife skills are nearly unsurpassed or even matched. And his pure strength in lifting and fighting are top notch, He is only average at best with spears, stealth, tactics, and archery. Thoric is known to act sometimes before thinking.


Weapon strength (assigned by FL Staff): 8




Thoric was the only son to Theric and Rayne. Rayne was a Maiden of the Spear who once wed laid down the spear and Theric was the best warrior of the Knife Hands. Pretty well from the time Thoric could walk his father began to teach him how to wield a knife. The knife would turn to 2 knives and an extension of Thoric himself. Even through his childhood Thoric wasn't like the other Aiel children and was often left alone or challanged by the older of the children. Thoric though enjoyed this and soon enough would start fights himself. His father though impressed with his hand to hand skills "learned him" the errors of his ways. Thoric stopped the fighting but continued his training. As a teenager Thoric began to grow and grow. He was above average height and very muscular for an Aiel. He yearned for adventure and battle and could not wait for the time to come. Theric was very proud of his son and knew he would become a great warrior.


On Thoric's 18th naming day he was allowed to head out with the clans warriors to check out possible trollic raids that the Sept's scouts had seen. The battle that followed was intense and nothing in Thorics training and the warriors accounts and stories could have prepared him for the feeling of fear, disgust and then hatred of seeing those disgusting beasts for the first time. There were 20 warriors in total and the Trollic raiding party was 50 strong led by a Fade that Thoric hadn't noticed yet. Thoric got to engage his first trollic. It looked like it had the beak of a bird and it smelled very very rank. It was even bigger then Thoric himself. His fear changed instantly to rage. The trollic swung its axe in a sweeping arc to lop off Thorics head. Thoric ducked and side stpped to the beasts right as the axe swept away from him. Thoric stuck his knife into where he assumed the Trollics lung would be and with the other he slid it across the Trollics throat and finished by kicking it with its own momentum to the ground.


He heard his father's voice ring out above the booming sound of battle and screaming. It was a challange to the Fade Thoric now saw...and for the 1st time in his life Thoric knew true fear. He seen the bodies of 5 trollics laying right behind his father as he approached the Fade. The warriors that were still left standing were all engaged with what was left of the Trollics and he knew he was the only help his father would probably recieve. Yet he couldn't move and he watched his father dance the spears with one of Slightbringer's demons. The Fade moved like the wind but his father was a battle hardened and tested warrior and fought hard against the Fade. He was fighting the Fade off but was unable to do anything but keep its blade away from his body. Finally Thoric gathered his courage and chagred to his father's side. Thoric hualed out one of his throwing kives and hurled it at the Fade. The Fade at the last second dipped out of the way, the knife just grazing its neck. While his father landed a slice along its side. Thoric closed the distance and prepared to engage the creature with his father. The Fade moved like lightning and swept the feet out from Theric and slashed at Thoric. It was all thoric coulld do was raise up his arm and cover his face. the blade tore the flesh of his arm blooding spraying everywhere as fe fell to thr ground. Thoric looked up eyes glazing over as the fade whipped around to meet Theric's attack. The Fade's blade sliding through Theric's stomach as his knife entered the Fade's neck. Theric slide off his blade and landed dead on the ground his dead eyes fixed on Thoric's. Thoric was devastated as he stared at his father's eyes and with the last of Thoric's strength he got up yo his knees and stuck his knife into the Fade's back as it was removing the knife from its throat and tore the blade down its spine ensuring its death.


Thoric slouched back to the ground. There were no warriors left standing but only 8 Trollics were left standing. They were about to flee when there connection to the Fade was severed but they seen that Thoric was still alive and there was supper laying all around. Thoric knew he was about to die and hid both knives in his hands as they approached making a sound he could only assume was laughter. He would suprise them and at leat try to take one or two with him when From beyond he seen another group of Aiel approach. They were dressed differently but he recognized that they were Thunder Walkers. they quickly caught and killed the remaingin Trollica quickly and seen that Thoric was stilled alive...barely. "He needs a Wise One soon or he will die." The leader said. "Are they all dead?" Thoric managed. "Yes lad they are." he replied "Good...my father..is anyone else alive?" "No," the man replied "none are left your all danced the spears well to take that many down." "Not well enough...you are a Thunder Walker, you lead attacks into the Blight?" "Yes we do, That's where we were coming from. This is all thats left of the group we had found. The remaining ones were all caught and these ones were all that remained. I'm sorry we weren't here sooner to Dance with you." "You heading back to the Blight?" Thoric rasped. "Not now but we will soon enough." "I'd love to join you if you'd have me..." The leader smiled as the lad slid into sleep, he admired his courage and conviction. "Perhaps....Perhaps." he replied...

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