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Welcome Recruit Meleria!!!!


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Hey Meleria and welcome to the Band! I'm Kaylen, one of the newest members of the infantry :biggrin: I hope you have an AWESOME time here! I know we all look forward to getting to know you! Corki, our MG, (aka the big man in charge) and Horn,the XO, (aka his lackey) will be along shortly to give you some instructions and to help you along your way! If you're looking for things to do while you're waiting feel free to join in on any threads that you see! I'm sure people will start dropping by soon to introduce themselves! Until then make yourself at home! Oh and if you're confused or just curious be sure to go HERE and check out the "So You've Joined the Band... Now What?" thread!

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Kaylen, you forgot about me! The UC...second in command....does the arduous task of counting everyone's points...bah whatever, it's okay, I forgive you....for now....


No really, I do, it's okay lol


Welcome to the BotRH meleria! I'm Jea, the under-commander. Horn will be taking care of you during your time as a Raw Recruit and will explain to you what you will be doing during that time...then once he's done with you, I get to make sure you rise through the ranks with all them points that you're going to rack up ;)


Also, Corki is away for a few days, but Horn and I can always handle the Band without him :)


As for the perfect welcome treat....*hands Meleria a plate of her extra special chocolate fudge brownies and a large vat of brew tea*


Hmm, now I want brownies...anyone know if brownies exist in Spain? haha


Nice to have you here Meleria! We always torture...welcome newbies :)

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Hey now... I am no lacky! Corki is gone for a couple days, leaving me to flex my power muscles. *flexes and shirt rips off from obscene amount of muscle* :baalzamon:


Anyways, welcome to the Band! I will send off a request to the site admins to add you to our usregroup, but in the meantime, make sure to check out our Guide to the Band!

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See, it needs two people to look after the Band in my absence? *basks in his power and glory* :biggrin:


Anyway, welcome to the Band! Great move!


I have sent in a request for you to be added to our usergroup. This will open up a lot more new boards to you, and allow you to enjoy the Recruit experience. However, I have no idea how long the addition process will take since there are a couple of previous additions awaiting to be completed...


In the meantime, enjoy our activities on our public board!

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:blush: not sure how i forgot you Jea... And you're not a lackey you're the woman behind the power, which means you're really in charge... :wink: but don't tell the men :rolleyes: lol


And Horn, you don't have to call yourself the lacky if youd on't wanna... as long as you know WE call you that :biggrin:

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