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Ancient influence


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Starting a thread for influence or plotlines directly from other cultures or modern influence. Here are some examples


The Aes Sedai ring


(note the cyclical nature that is basically the theme of RJ's books


Egwene's initial dream ring.






The Dark One



I've noticed a LOT more but forgotten them, including storylines that I SWEAR seemed similar to stuff that I've read regarding both the Persian Empire, as well as other biblical references to boot. Please leave the yin-yang symbol being similar to the Aes Sedai symbol out of it, I think everyone got THAT one already!




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The Thirteenth Depository is also an excellent resource for this. Sometimes they go a bit overboard in search for allusions, particularly in the Names Parallels articles, but for the most part the rest of it is impressive.


Oh yeah, I've noticed a lot of stretching to make references on both pages. Some I knew already, some I didn't know, and some I went "c'mon guys...really?"

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On this subject.. Have you noticed that Galad is a personification of the four Western-Christian 'cardinal virtues' of prudence, justice, temperance and fortitude?


He's prudent because he always does what is right, morally and practically. He's been just towards Perrin though being convinced he was a Darkfriend. He's temperate because he eats the same food as his soldiers do, where previous LCCs have feasted while their men fast. And he shows fortitude in dealing with imprisonment and the prospect of Asunawa'a Questioning.



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Have you ever noticed that in Tolkien's elvenlanguage 'Galad' means "Light", while he commands the Children of the Light?


Yep, that gave me a chuckle..


'Gil-galad was an Elven-king.

Of him the harpers sadly sing:

The last whose realm was fair and free,

Between the Mountains and the Sea.'


going back to the Aes Sedai symbol, there's a bit missing - a little bit of yin in the yang segment, and vice versa.



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