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Shameless...utterly shameless

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[WARNING: This song is not appropriate for younger peoples...and most likely anyone with extreme sensabilities will not enjoy this song...not that anyone else will]


I stumbled upon this song on Youtube while listening to the ever-lovely, delightfully talented, Fallulah. It was under the sidebar where youtube suggests new music for you. I was intrigued, so I played it. I think this should be the new standard for how

utterly shit-ridden

a song can be. I won't even deign to call it music; it is utter garbage and deserves never to see the light of day or a pair of headphones. I thought Kesha was bad, but she's got nothing on this. Take a listen, if you dare!


Again, this song is very inappropriate. While it doesn't contain any cusswords (that I heard) the lyrics are explicit.



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