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I have always been interested in learning more about Shara. I guess it´s because so little is written about the land and that I always wants to know behind-the-scene-facts. As I understand it many people have had the opportunity to ask Jordan and Sanderson questions. Have they reveald anything more about Shara than we already know?


Do you think Shara will be more visible in the final book? Is it the place for Demandreds army?

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We've been told that, like Seanchan, we won't see anything in Shara onscreen. Demandred being there is a common theory, if not the only one.

Yeah .... I was reading lord of chaos the other day and I found some interesting Pov of Samael about Demandred , basically Samael was certain that event South of Graendal palace's was the doing of Demandred , something about Demandre habit of using "proxies".

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