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Hello, All!

Storm Eagle

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My name is Storm Eagle, and I absolutely adore the Whel Of Time series. I am in the beginning of Path of Daggers at the moment, so please don't reveal any spoilers for poor old me!


P.S. I am writing a book at the moment entitled The Wave Sword. I have taken it to a fantasy critic magazine and they say that If I get it published, it might surpass WoT.

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welcome to DM, Storm Eagle :)


Well, if you hang around on here, it will give you a good insight into how to deal with your fans :wink:


Do watch out... the book discussion boards ar full of spoilers. Maybe an idea to avoid them until you are a bit further along in the story.


Visit Fiddlesticks... just a lot of fun *g*


Kivam here does critics for a Magazine or something... maybe you should chuck your story at him... wouldn't it be fun... getting lots of magazine critics to give you great reviews... and than get a publisher... rather than the other way round...lol


Best of luck


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You're beginning Path of Daggers.... hmmmmm.... I would say, after you've finished that book, go to the General Discussions page to the Asmodean thread, and give your vote and theory as to who killed him. You could probably do it already, kinda depends on who you think did it. But anyway: VOTE!

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