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  1. ahhhh...i see... unfortunately...holes arent on the List of Stuff to Annex. it appears as though Meg my friend you shall escape the fuuuuuuurious anger.. too hot for tea...lets have one of those pints then :lol:
  2. Hear ye.....hear ye The most dominant of Military orgs is looking to increase its numbers with a recruitment push unlike any other.. are you? 1 Female 2 Hot Then, come..learn to weild and channel alongside good keen men and woman... Wreck havoc on innocent bystanders, use balefire freely and whilst drunk.. Stand all over your fellow Tower warriors and insult the way they dress... Why female and hot..you may ask?? our collective answer is...never you mind!!! Its our recuitment drive and we'll do it any damn way we like... so..tell your hot female friends... simply pop on over to our org board.. beg for acceptance and throw yourselves to the mercy of the True Tower...and salvation could be yours. That is all..as you were..and please...keep of the grass..Demi just mowed it.
  3. nothing gets past our Demi...cept maybe that. *points at that*
  4. "whoaaaaaaa listen to the muzik...whoaaaaa listen to the muzik....whoaaaaaaa listen to the music...allll the tiiiiiime"
  5. i plan to annex Utah anyday now... i offer you amnesty Meg...take it...or you shall feel fuuuuuuuuuuuuurious anger...and you will know my name is MCLEAN.....when i lay my vengance upon thee... but first....cup of tea.
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