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  1. sometimes i do stupid things...id like to bash myself for all the times i havent been a nice human ah*feels vindicated,cracks open cold one and scratches himself* :lol:
  2. er..id visited afew times just being nosey really,as my computer knowledge is lacking somewhat, i was kinda apprehensive, :? But then i thought gosh darn it all id make myself known, maybe make some friends *proceeds to get a case of the warm fuzzies* and learn a thing or two. very much stoked that i did..oh and i wana be a real badazz asha'man too :twisted: Black tower What! Black tower What!
  3. yeah,im with ILS on that one havent been here long enough but the last few days have been cool. :D :D especially when i got a hand with my sig *gives D a mad shout out* "as a mountain,i have not yet been born" "Happy bday to ya.."{stevie wonder version} Oh, and respect to the old hands, the O.G's 8)
  4. This is my fav thread,i bash not finding it earlier :lol: and..oooh i wana bash the klan, yeah hardout mega bash those pricks :twisted: um...oh yeah pink polo shirts for guys! and being overly p.c,that deserves a thorough bash, people get far too upset these days. Thanks for letting me vent :lol:
  5. :twisted: :twisted: YEAH BASH!!! :twisted: :twisted: First im gona bash australian cricket for being unbeatable..and the home of the under arm bowl. then im gona bash religious zealouts..hard, :twisted: :twisted: for putting the rest of us "willing to listen to the other side" kinda people on the back foot. and finally{till i can calm down long enough}im gona super bash nuclear war, carpet bombing,flying planes into buildings and other f**ken cowardly ways of hitting the enemy..killing civilians aint f**ken cool. :twisted: :twisted:
  6. Get well soon Mr Jordan Ma te atua koe e manaaki e tiaki hoki May god help and care for you
  7. i just wanted to visit the beginning Dragonmount saved my life :lol:
  8. Ah good ole Tazzie... No contrary to popular belief, we arent actually part of Tasmania.. :x Funnily enough,mainland australians hold N.Z in higher regard than Tazzie.. So im told. :D But at that end of the day,N.Zers dont really care what our neighbours think :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P The anzac spirit is alive and well in N.Z even after the under arm bowl
  9. New Zealand,arse end of the world :lol: But its nice here,and home is always home And no,,,we arent part of australia :evil:
  10. can i play?Praise for a guy called David Lange ex n.z prime minister..kept n.z nuclear free.
  11. Waffle-sevendust. Must be played as loud as possible.
  12. I hope this ones still going,gotta say that ive never heard anything like sevendust before, the have a certain something that belongs to them only,im in n.z whats their status in the states?are they big,so-so? i dont think theyve played over our ways yet. heavy,melodic,painful,inspiring..ruff
  13. It wouldnt be war to let him live. Make him a matyr,survived by his children.
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