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Perrin's wound.


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Just finished my first re-read and this time Perrin's wound was something that stood out to me, something I overlooked the first time.


He describes his wound as still aching and throbbing after the fight with Slayer in the wolfdream. Despite being healed directly after waking up, he still feels the wound which in my opinion indicates that it aint any normal wound. Slayer could have imagined poisen on the arrow tip but that should have been healed aswell. The whole thing just reminds me of the two wounds in Rand's side.


Maybe Slayer hunts wolfs for a reason; to turn them into Darkhounds(darkhounds was wolfs once if Im not mistaken). Perhaps thats what Perrin is feeling, some kind of evil that has manifested itself in him due to him being part human part wolf.

I know this is waaaay into theoryland and has few facts backing it up apart from a weird wound.



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