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  1. I hope we get a POV from Bair arriving there and that Shaido guy (that was given permission to go a couple chapters before Perrin kicked their butts) is walking out of them & he & Bair discuss what he saw. Because that would help answer a few of our questions. What the Guys see now on their first pass & if it is significantly different, we will know that the whole thing has changed.
  2. Yes, that could be it, assuming they don't have Toveine and Gabrelle at hand (otherwise, they wouldn't balk at killing them). How they might've taken Logain alone, or why the two AS would remain hidden for this long, is a different question of course. And I agree that Pevara's freak-out was orchestrated to create a delay, and that alone. More than likely because chapter two was supposed to be released before the publication date, but they didn't intend to release that whole arc with it. Agreed, but not only that. Androl is clearly a special case in that he is so exceptional with
  3. After reading Androl’s pov in ToM I had no doubt that Logain and the others were captured. The reason that they were not 13x13ed immediately is probably the Bond. Maybe it is necessary to 13x13 the Asha’man and his AS at exactly the same time, or maybe it is just harder if there is a Bond. Either way, Logain would be the hardest because he has Bonded 2 AS. Chapter 2 just added to my conviction, because, I think, that this is the first Asha’man bonded to an AS that we have seen “Turned”. Maybe the DF Asha’men/Taim/Forsaken only just worked out the process. But now that they hav
  4. While I am mostly convinced that Lucker’s dreaded body Swap theory is the way it will go and the one that best fills all the requirements. I have high hopes for Nynaeve pushing him out of TAR, like Moghedien did to Birgitte. It gives new meaning to “Waking from the Dream” line that has been mentioned throughout the series. Not only that, but Mogy also mentioned using TAR to turn Nynaeve into a horse. So what if just as Nynaeve is about to “push” Rand out of TAR, he thinks to himself “I am the Dragon!!” while thinking about the creatures on his arms/banner, and like Per
  5. I am going against the flow here I think, but this bit could be referencing the 2 evils. The DO and Fain. Aside from that, here is another thought. Not sure if this variant of a solution has been discussed before, but I'm sure someone will let me know. First, Rand's solution has to be by mechanisms already incorporated into the story. Second, the Bore into the DOs prison is not a physical thing but instead a weakness between this reality and the DO's world. When and where (story wise) have we heard of something that matches this description? Answer: When
  6. In Avi's visions of the future, the first several lives (the fartherest in the future) there seemed to be little or I think NO mention of channelers or of anyone having the ability. The last one that made mentions the One Power, was where the person was (shamefully) wishing that she had the ability, but it does not say if anyone else has the ability. (I do not have the book on me, so I am just going by memory (not a good option), so I could be wrong, but in the vision of Avi's we may be seeing the loss of ability. Has anyone ever anaylysed/discussed this aspect of her vision?
  7. If Logain was linked up with his AS, Taim would not kick his ass. It would be the other way around. In my View that is the entire reason for him bonding 2, where the others bonded only 1. Logain is only a little less than Rand, Taim is even closer to Rand in the Power, but with a circle with 2 AS, Logain should more than match Taim.
  8. I see where you are going on this - I do not agree per se, but the fact is the Pattern uses - Everything - to accomplish its end. Especially I have noticed that it (Pattern) seems to use everything that the DO does to do something. The DOs taint on Saidin - used to create Rand/LT Bubbles of Evil - used to delay Perin & crew so they did not fall into the Trap. SL - provided way for Rand to Clense sadin. The Taint on the Ways - has eaten hundreds of thousands of Trollocks and Fades. Ishy/Mordin used to train Rand and then used give Rand connection to the True power.
  9. They may have destroyed it ot with all that uncontrolled/undirected Power flying around they may have accedentially triggered the "off" switch. Either way it would have been succeptable because it was in the real world & not TAR. Didn't Rand Stash all of those in Cairhien under a ward after Mory "died"?
  10. Add in the factor that even though Traveling was lost to the public after the Breaking, it was not lost to Ishy. And he was Freed multiple times, giving him the ability to Travel all over, spreading whichever (altered) copies he chose to whatever places he chose. We should not underestimate how far he went until he says differently - if he ever does.
  11. I don't think that this logic works, because a very high percentage of that hundred were found to have the ability. Taim commented about it, saying that Rand's Tavern must be at work. You are misunderstanding. This is only in reference to men who passed the test. Narishma was the first with the spark inborn - the 'well over a hundred' could all channel. Got it now, I misunderstood what you were saying. Need more coffee.
  12. I am glad to finally see this as well, but considering how much Power was poured into it (that was a Big Circle of channelers), I hope it does a little more than add a little burn to the Shadowspawn that he hits. Did anyone notice that while he was just sitting around THINKING about Shadowspawn that the hammer started warming up?
  13. I don't think that this logic works, because a very high percentage of that hundred were found to have the ability. Taim commented about it, saying that Rand's Tavern must be at work.
  14. Well if he was one of the "False Dragons" then yes he would have been actively channeling. But he could have been one of those men (sparker maybe) that had not really started conciously channeling, but the BA may have grabbed him & tried to Zap him. He may have never created a gateway before/or maybe he did, but when they cut him, they may have cut the "earth" part of his "link". Explaining why he is so week ing "Earth". He may have realized that after they were done - he could still sense the Source, explaining why he became so secretive. Not really sure how it would al
  15. Androl so far is an interesting character. He does not HAVE to be some super channeler, (Except for his gateways which do make him super as is) but his thought bubbles/POVs do show that something intreging is going on. He just makes too much of a point to "play down" his worldly expierence. While reading this thread, I just had a stray thought. I am not saying that it is true - actually I doubt it, but just wanted to toss it out. Could there have been another "False Dragon" or one of those hapless male channelers that the BA found 20 years ago & "gentled". Now of course,
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