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Visar Falmaien

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Hey all, I'm going to start up with the NSW character Jederic, who's going to be the new weapons instructor for the Children.


Figured the best way to do this is to start a class for members to gain weapon skill. I'm thinking maybe teaching some "beginning lance" or something like that, but if someone would like some other weapon of interest I'd be glad to try to teach it.


Who's with me? I'll start a thread in a few days and we'll see how we do! Gonna be awesome starting this character!

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We'll have to make you a new siggy, you know ;)


I'll also be adding you to the CotL info thread so people would know to approach you if they're interested in WS classes. I'm a little swamped with RPs right now but I will definitely take you up on a WS class in the foreseeable future :D






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