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  1. Visar was relieved to hear Tywin talk; he'd be ok. The lad was made of tough stuff. Visar listened for the most part, sipping at his own wine. It was good to be out of the cold. Visar considered the move. "It's an old folk wrestling trick, older than Hawkwing i'm sure, though nobody teaches those anymore. If someone's bearing down on you, using their own momentum against them is often the best thing, especially for smaller men like us. And of course, there are counters to just about everything, but the counter to this one is, at best, rather messy. Dangerous to practice, and it leaves you
  2. Visar stood, and cursed to himself; the water was cold enough for anyone to catch a chill, and he may have just sent a trainee straight for te river! He went closer, his mind racing to remember the next few exits where he might pull Tywin out. He was relieved to see that Tywin had not been swept away; if it was in spring with the water level higher, he most certainly would have. Visar went over to help, though the drenched trainee got out entirely by himself. Visar handed him the knives he had dropped, and was glad the trainee didn't choose that timing for a cheap shot. He helped him to h
  3. Visar ran down an alley, even though his survival instincts told him to keep going. It was too cold for a long extended run anyway, and most people running from death would panic at one point or another. He heard a faint sound behind him, kept going. Tywin would be in hot pursuit, the young man was determined and clever enough to track him. He was fast, too! Visar still had some tricks up his sleeve, however. He knew this area well; for most people this would be a dead end, but he knew of an escape. The drainage tunnel, which led into the sewer labrynth, had a sizeable opening that was ha
  4. (Ooc: no worries this should be fun!) It was another night of the game. After a botched first attempt, Tywin had slowed down his approach, and apparently was trying to network among many of the inns and taverns Visar frequented. Visar, with his short stature and dark skin, normally stood out in the xity, but with the cold winds blowing incessantly from the north, it was easier to hide in the streets during the day. Which meant that when he went inside at night to try to stay warm--Visar loved many things about Tar Valon but its harsh winters were not one of them---the plucky trainee was so
  5. Visar frowned, lost in thought next to a training weapon rack. He was interrupted from his random reverie by someone right behind him, whom he had not noticed sneak uo behind him. Concealing his annoyance that he was letting his guard down, he turned around. "Master Kynwric? I was instructed to come see you." Visar blinked for a moment, now confused. He shook his head, finding the situation strangely awkward but also not a little humorous. "Master Kynwric? No, I'm Visar Falmaien, but i'm flattered you confused me with him," he said with a smile. "I trained under him myself; you cou
  6. Visar frowned as she offered him a very strong smelling drink. What a strange name; it was surely foreign, but was it from Shara or the Waste? He looked atthe glass with a mix of curiosity and anxiety. He hazarded a sip, and shuddered as it burned down his throat. Yet though it tasted horribly like dry wood and campfire smoke, it warmed his insides in a strangely comforting way. He looked at the new Master at Arma with newfound respect, to be able to handle such a potent drink with such calm. He thought more to the matter at hand, their spar. It should require a display of skill, and be a
  7. Visar listened to Tywin's misgivings about his assignment, and while part of him had the urge to laugh at the lad, he thought of how that might come across, and satisfied himself with a warm smile. Tywin was afraid, but that did not make him a coward; it just meant he had normal feelings and emotions. "Tywin, the Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills, but i cannot help believe we have command over the choices we do have. I cannot say what your path will be, that will be for you to find for yourself. I am not training you to become an assassin. I am training you to defend, protect against, and d
  8. Visar nodded at his question, and almost relaxed too much, as the trainee sprang a surprise attack. This one was bold and learned quickly: good! Visar'a training was to always focus on the hand holding the knife, and if he could not see the hand, he assumed there might be a weapon concealed. The attack came, and clevely, as Tywin punched out just as Visar deflected the thrust and grabbed a hold of the arm. Visar brought his hand up palm out to stop the punch, then decided not to block and went for the knife instead. He had a feelong Tywing would be surprised his punch landed. Visar felt him
  9. (Ooc: you're doing just fine, nothing too complicated about knifework; hopefully my responses are not too moddy, if they are i will cyange them; just let me know what you want to do/done) Visar took note of the young man's stance. He was of similar height but wiry thin, about the build Visar had been when he was just starting as a trainee; he had widened out a bit since then. This man was going to be a challenge, as he already looked like he had seen a few knife fights, and he had the perfect build for a daggerman. Now to gauge his skill.. Visar observed that there was nothing wrong wi
  10. As part of the program Master Kilrin had decided on to boost morale and improve training, Visar had a few trainees and guards he was goong to coach. Group classes were more efficient to train a large group of people, but the dropout rate was extreme, and the Guard needed more members. It was either change the way you trained, or lower the standards, and neither Visar nor Kilrin would have the latter spoken about with broken teeth to the offender. If they were lucky. Instead, the weed out started right away; if trainees could not pass the fitness courses, which under Kilrin's supervision ha
  11. Visar nodded and listened as Kathleen spoke. She didn't trust him, but that was to be expected. And he did deserve her anger, so he resolved to try to do better, and do what he could to heal tye damage he had done. He wished the Aes Sedai good night and returned to his guest bed. He was asleep in moments. The next day started bright and early, and Visar felt like a new man. He was still nervous about ruining things, but if he was patient, laid low for a while, and earned their trust again, if possible, things might be better on the journey back. He joined the delegation as they went to a
  12. The wind shifted to the west, and Torvus adjusted his aim a little to compensate. The weight of his crossbow was starting to strain his arms, but it was less strenuous than trying to pull a heavy horsebow, which was awkward on the best of days. Torvus's bow, the one he could shoot while strapping his right hand to the grip, was nearby but he decided not to use it today, as he had a horrible grouping of bruises on his arms from a brawl and they still smarted. He was at the long range today, wanting to be away from the trainees shooting at close butts at the Tower complex. He didn't know whi
  13. One of the bouncers managed to clip him upside tye head, so Torvus's ability to hold his own in the brawl quickly vanished, as did amy ability for the alcohol to deaden any of the pain from his bruises and breaks. Torvus went down in the heap of confusion, having difficulty rising. He missed most of the particulars of the last part of the fight, and his vision was blurred. His head hurt a Lot. Funny, he thought, i hadn't had That much to drink! A man helped him up by the shirt. How kind of him! "Why thangkyoo-oof!" He started to say, but was rudely interrupted by a fist to the
  14. Visar Falmaien relaxed visibly when it was apparent that he was not in dire trouble. Or so he thought. This new Master at Arms seemed perfectly able to draw out his uncomfortableness till the last moment. He then listend to her talk about the Yard's morale. She was right, since he had come back the place had not seen as much activity. Most of the guardsmen and women were on active duty, either abroad on missions for the Tower or enrolled in the never ending task of keeping the peace in the city. Compared to most other places, Tar Valon was relatively free of civil strife, but what the peac
  15. (Ooc: my apologies for the loong wait!) Visar fenced mostly with his feet, dodging attacks that he could not easily block, and deterring other attacks with his staf's reach and speed before they could hit him. He was doing decently well against three, and he felt his grin sttengthen as his enjoyment of the foght grew. They were starting to figure him out, as well as trying different ways to defeat hom as a team. The one-two combination that Coraman and Rekinu pulled off was brilliant, and Visar counted himself lucky to escape that. And if Grey had struck just a moment or two sooner he
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