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My tribute....


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Dogs really are the best fried ever. I cannot put into words how much they can cheer you up, make you feel better or just be there for you, listen to your rants and just look at you adoringly, with no wise cracks, or comments. So when you lose one it is very hard.


Sam, he's an English Springer Spaniel, and a black and white one at that, which is the best.


On Sunday he wouldn't get up (if you know anything about Springers this is so unusual. A trip to the vet revealed he had osteosarcoma (bone Tumour). This is particularly aggressive and there were signs it could already be on his lungs. his heart was also enlarged. I know the prognosis was not good, but I had to do something today, which is the hardest thing in my life. I had to have him put down. It is breaking my heart, but his quality of life was so bad, and he was in such pain. We (me and the vet) believe he had this for a while, but being who he was, he would just keep going until it had got to the point where he couldn't any more. I try to think if there were any signs and I can't say that their were. He never let anything stop him from enjoying his life. And I guess he did that until the end, with no wimpering or moaning, just with a little sadness in his eyes.


I thought I would share a few pictures of him with you. It makes me feel a little better writing this.


So to Sam, the best Dog in the whole world, he will be so missed.














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I'm so sorry for the loss of you doggie, Talya.

Even when it's necessary, the decision to have a pet euthanized is the worst decision any pet owner has to make.

Always remember the good time you had with your dog and that he's not suffering anymore. He was a lucky dog to have an owner that cherished him so much.


Love you, Tal.

Please extend my condolences to your daughter too.


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Thank you so much, all of you. I know it was the right decision, I don't think he would have gone on much linger.


It was such a shock, even the vet was shocked how quickly it deteriorated, so he must have had it for a while, I'm glad he wasn't in too much pain for long!


Love you too Mirsh, hugs to you too Ellie and Locke.:wub:hug2.gif

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Came on here to look at some pics and forgot Facebook doesn't work at Work...*mumbles*


Oh and no Locke I won't be getting a dog in the near future, maybe when Heather is older and looking to leave home. Then I might get a couple, black and white Springer Spaniels of course

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