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Whatever happened to....


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I have been thinking about some stuff that we have not yet been brought back to AFAIK.


Specifically the library ter'angreal that Elayne possesses.

We can assume it is written in OT since the section headings of Fiction/Non-Fiction appears in OT.

Now supposedly nobles are trained in the OT, so logically there have to be some tutors that can read the OT around some where in Camelyn or perhaps on an estate of one of the various Lords.


I would think that if this ter'angreal holds Non-Fiction books that it would be a priority to put the ter'angreal + 1 Kinswoman (to operate it, since it requires the OP) + 1 OT tutor + 1 (or 12 or whatever) scribe in a room together to find out exactly what written knowledge about the AoL is in there.

Or have Egewne send a Brown sister to study the information in it.


But instead it got relegated to a shelf in Elayne's apartments. ?????


The other ter'angreal I can understand her wanting to keep to herself (as selfish as that may be), but this one is unique in that she knows what it does and it might contain information that could help in the Last Battle - like how to build a shocklance or jo-car, or even philosophy and meta-physical books that could help Min find out what Rand has to do. Add to that the fact that most likely even if she can create a copy of this one, it is doubtful that the info (books) with in it would be copied at the same time. IMO, CREATING a Library Ter'angreal and LOADING it would be 2 separate processes.


So I am left wondering why there hasn't been so much as a mention of it since the Aeil left Camelyn.


It's possible that RJ tossed it in there as a one off just to give Aviendha a ter'angreal to make work so that she can accpet that she truly has a Talent for 'reading' ter'angreal, but IMHO if that's the case, he shouldn't have chosen an example that has the potential to be as useful as this item has the potential to be, at least not without explaining "why the item is not being used". That leaves us as readers belittling characters for things that are left undone.

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Simple case of Elayne forgot about it. she was busy, it was mentioned in passing when other things were going on, it happens. Avi was taken from her right at that time. It's like parking your car in a tow-away zone when your wife's in labor. Stupid thing to do, but you had something on your mind.

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Because Elayne is pregnant and shouldn't be messing around with ter'angreal herself and she doesn't want anyone else touching them if she can't. After all, it's not like there's anything important about to happen where knowledge from the Age of Legends might come in useful, so it's OK for her to wait.

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