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  1. At the point where the story is now, all you really have left is the Last Battle itself, and hopefully a wrap-up of some stray plot lines. Not too much to ask for in one book, given the ponderous page-counts of previous tomes. I don't expect every last thread to be neatly tied off. Life isn't like that. All I really need is for Rand to kick the Dark One's butt.
  2. Eric Clapton's black Fender Stratocaster is obviously a sa'angreal. In fact, people like David Gilmour, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy and Bonnie Raitt are evidence that Leo Fender somehow got his hands on a cache of sung wood.
  3. Mat started out as an irritating little wise-arse, but he grew on me.
  4. And Demandred is .... Perez Hilton!
  5. My thoughts? After waiting for a resolution since my married son was playing with Transformers, you're suggesting splitting it into two volumes, undoubtedly with a year or more between? Where's my tar and feathers?
  6. Well, gee, if you're an author speaking to fans about a new book, wouldn't you hint at surprises, and tease about expectations fulfilled or denied? It's almost a canned speech. In our next exciting episode...
  7. Not listed was my choice - New Spring. Like most "backstories", it feels contrived.
  8. The story will end with Mat in a tavern, savoring the rich, dark ale and remembering with horror his encounter with the most awful invention of the Dark One's minions -- light beer.
  9. I thought about this for a bit. Warders are cool, magic-weilders are cool, rulers are cool, but who needs the headaches and dangers and misery? As an innkeeper, I get to sleep in my own bed every night, eat hot food, meet new people and hear all the news and gossip.
  10. On the first read-through, definitely Mat. He reminded me of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.
  11. I ran the test for Faile and got an 82. Wasn't surprised.
  12. I once played goalie for our darts team....
  13. When reading this kind of literature, you have to engage in "the willing suspension of disbelief", and accept things like magic and dragons that do not occur in our world. In our world, prophecy is bullshit. Pure wishfaul thinking. There's never been a provable case of it. As was pointed out, Nostradamus was so vague that people selectively interpreted later events to fit them into his framework. And how many times has history rolled right past the end of the world as predicted by some doomsayer's interpretation of religious prophecy? In Randland, Prophecy works, and it works however Jordan and Sanderson choose. The reader just goes with it. It's OK to point out internal inconsistencies, but if an author posits prophecy, its manner of fulfillment is up to him or her. I think WoT made a great point with the way prophecies were revised to manipulate the Seanchan. Give a nation an excuse to believe it's their destiny to conquer the world, and they'll go out and do it. Prophecy, like religion, is a great manipulation tool because you can't debate something that has no basis in logic.
  14. Perhaps a grey-haired Rand, sitting on the green in the Two Rivers, smoking his pipe and spinning amazing stories of his adventures to an admiring group of young children.
  15. I "cast" novels in my head as I read them. Here's Rand Al'Thor:
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