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  1. I don't have a link or know of words he said from an interview (though I'm sure he addressed it over the years). I just mean that through his writing, Jordan made the ignorance of the AS pretty clear. Verin talks quite a bit about knowledge that has been lost, and even talks about how many things are done a certain way simply because they've always been done that way. Ergo, "Visioning" might be a more correct term for the ability than "Foretelling", but the sisters present at the first foretelling dubbed it a "foretelling", so that is what it's been called for generations now.
  2. Don't forget that our favorite blue sister once told the boys that she'd kill the boys just to the dark one from them. Not the best way to say "I have your best interests at heart". Also leaves quite a lasting impression
  3. Mb, but Jordan made it very clear that there was a lot to these Talents, like Foretelling, that the AS didnt understand and may not be accurate about. So just because the AS named this Talent "Foretelling", that doesnt mean that a Foretell-er can ONLY see the future.
  4. Since Perrin had no beard until book 4, it took until about Malden before I didnt have to force myself to remember it. the hardest one to picture was always Fain. It was hard to remember that he couldnt look TOO much like gollum or the people he manipulated wouldnt have let him near them
  5. Can we assume that education and literacy is widespread just because our main characters can read? Just cause rand and egwene can read doesn't mean the congars and coplins can. Rand is the only son of a widely traveled soldier who was at one point an officer in the illian equivalent of the secret service. He saw politics first hand and knew the benifits of an education. Egwene was the daughter of arguably the region's only politician and possibly it's wealthiest family. Ny was likely expected to be educated to hold her post. Mat's father was one to try to find a leg up on everybody, etc.
  6. Perrin assumes in the epilogue that the boys are no longer ta'veren. On one hand, this could be the authors' way of saying "ok, story over." On the other hand, there's a new age starting, an apocalypse to recove from, and a leadership void that the pattern has to fill, that the boys seem to be in position to fill (even rand/moridin, why have a new power with no purpose for it?) Besides all that, this is PERRIN, Mr. I-just-want-to-be-a-normal-guy Perrin, making this assumption, the most reluctant of all ta'veren. Could it be wishful thinking on his part? Are the boys still ta'veren (maybe
  7. So, we know that ta'veren are not common, so uncommon that even being someone/doing something that effects millions of lives is does not get you to ta'veren status. (see, Egwene) But we also know that Siuan has the Talent of seeing ta'veren, and didn't just realize it on the fly when she came to Fal Dara. So that must mean that somebody during Siuan's lifetime was also a ta'veren, somebody that Siuan would have been in position to come into contact with, but not somebody that Siuan interacts with in New Spring (I may be misremembering, but I don't think she used her Talent during that boo
  8. This might be slightly off topic, but... What about including unarmed combat in these rankings? How many times in science fiction does a combatant lose their weapon of choice in a duel/fight and have to go primal? Heck, it happens to James Bond every mission! So...we know the aiel could keep right on going, and ditto for Rand, what with the whole two dead warders in ten seconds bit. Characters like Mat or Bridgett would be able to fall back on their knives. I think it's interesting to note, that despite Lan being presented to us as death on a plate, we never see him fight bareha
  9. Kadere, I think that might feel to Mat a lot like asking a police officer to hand his gun over for a time each day. It just wouldn't sit right, no matter how reasonable.
  10. I gotta say Perrin can't be guilty. and Hopper had nothing to do with it. it's all about an illegal army in other's territory, making it an invasion. Perrin was a legal citizen held against his will, under threat of force, by hostile, professional soldiers. Any use of force to escape that situation is justified. Is it just me, or was that scene one of the most poorly written in the series? Why too much build up for a letdown of a trial. There seemed a lot of insistance on proper decorum...and not enough proper decorum. Seemed ad-libbed and sloppy.
  11. I kinda figure the Greens know and/or have studied quite a bit of conventional stuff...the problem being very few parts of the current war has been or is going to be conventional. We're at a point where war is rapidly changing: the one power is being openly used by several armies, Mat (and ok, fine, Elayne) are bringing about firearms and artillary, and armies can strike from virtually any point on the map. Im just waiting for the first Randland Green Berets to show up..."Green" Berets...maybe the greens have something to do with that...
  12. They don't recognize each other's authority, so neither one is going to differ to the other. in terms of military might, advantage Seanchan. In terms of societal advancement and knowledge, advantage White Tower.
  13. We don't know any thing more than what you already have on Alanna. Maybe Black, maybe something else. I kinda figured her last ditch was Jared Bryr (sp?) trying to kill Perrin. As for the last, that would be Peddron Nail or however you spell it.
  14. xxx, im thinking in a one-on-one, egwene does just fine for herself. She doesn't win, doesn't even og on the offensive much, but does survive, and that's what counts.
  15. Elan, exactly what type of plan is he supposed to have? Have you ever tried to fix anything you couldn't see? you can gather a few general tools (which rand has, power-items, armies, channelers, etc.) but then you HAVE to get a look at the thing. In some cases that means moving whatever's in the way, even if that thing is keeping it all together. If you have a problem, you have to analyze it before you start work on it. How would you plant a field you've never been to? Would a SWAT team try to rescue a hostage from a building they don't know the layout of? As for "what would you do?" q
  16. XXX, your right. for some reason i thought it was intact but fragile. my bad
  17. ^...yes, at the eye I would assume Egwene knows a little-to-medium amount, being force-fed history by Siuan. She is the "watcher of the seals" after all, even if it's symbolic at this point, those two would know where that came from. I think the biggest thing Min has over Egwene (to Rand, at least) is that Min will actually reveal everything she knows, rather than whatever Egwene might do with the info.
  18. Rand wants and needs Min's input because he can trust Min. AS may very well know very relevant things concerning the topic at hand, but who is to say what the AS would do with that information? Would they hold it back? twist it?make it seem like something else entirely? All seem like very As things to do, no matter who's side you're on. Further more, I figure Rand didn't explain his plan to Egwene because the FoM is about far more than the Dragon and the White Tower. Rand is using Egwene to gather everybody who isn't Dark or Seanchan while he's preparing (which likely entails searching
  19. My personal theory of the first book weather fixing was that it was Ishy doing the work somehow, rather than the actual DO, like it was later in the books. A couple reasons: 1)Too early: not even all the forsaken are free at this point. 2)Not as dramatic: winter just lasted longer. Wasn't mentioned to be overly cold, windy, etc. the summer that the DO fixed horrendious and commented on by just about everyone. 3)Ishy likely has a stash of some one power goodies, some with which to mess with the weather. they wouldnt have to be as strong as the bowl, since, by principle destruction tak
  20. I think it's gonna be really interesting to see Cads meet Egwene, and see what happens in that battle of wills, especially since it looks like Cads will be on Rand's bandwagon. It'll also be interesting to see Egwene react to Moiriane. (please don't start bashing Egwene just because I mentioned her name)
  21. That's interesting, but have we thought about how many AS went with Egwene to the camp at FoM? Could be kinda funny to see the Seanchan raid the Tower to find out there's nobody there but the libarians and Laras. BTW, I fortell that Laras whoops Fortouna's skinny butt.
  22. It gives you a headache. It's a sword...but it's not sword...but you just said it was a sword...and it is! except that it isn't...but-, oh forget it!...it is shiny though :)
  23. This is sure to cause Egwene-bashing, and that's not what I intend (really), but it must be considered if we're talking about this subject. Why? because, as far as I can see, it's the only way "force his hand" that might actually work. So here it goes: Would Egwene resort to Compulsion? I know, I know, she's said she finds it repulsive. But she also thinks she's looking down the barrel of a gun with the whole break-the-seals thing. If it's the only means to her end, would she do it? I honestly have no idea.
  24. I'm actually refering to the nobles who watched Rand practice with the sword early in LoC. Names escape me, and they may not have been part of the all-powerful 19 who elects the throne, but they didnt seem insignifican either, like the houses that later came to Elyane's aid. Dyelin might have the supposrt of all nobles with stiff upper lips, but others are gonna be with rand for any advantage they can grab. I know Dyelin has got a great deal in the strength-of-character department, but she is still a noble, still a politician. It's completely believable to think she could bluster or exa
  25. Dunno. im sure the red ajah gets some, and at that point, the traveling people don't really have a say. for the rest, maybe they just "travel" away by themselves. or maybe they go batsh*t crazy, but the Way of the Leaf is so ingrained by that point that they still don't hurt anybody.
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