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Wheel of Time Tattoo


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There is some really great ink on this thread. Still deciding exactly what I'll get, but I don't think I can talk myself into a full sleeve or shoulder even though they do look really good. Stengray, the colour in yours looks amazing.

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Long (long, long) time lurker on these boards - finally signed up so I could share my WoT tattoo that I had done over the course of 2016. I basically had a long old chat with the tattooist about Matt - the ravens, fox head medallion and his relationship with Aes Sedai amongst other things. He then went away, read a bit about WoT himself and came up with this design - he got a bit carried away and it goes over my butt and, on one side, half way down my thigh - I've cropped that out as I didn't fancy posting a picture of my arse on the internet :biggrin:. The picture was taken right at the end of the last session so it's a bit raw looking in places but I absolutely love it.


WoT tattoo


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