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Wheel of Time Tattoo

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There is some really great ink on this thread. Still deciding exactly what I'll get, but I don't think I can talk myself into a full sleeve or shoulder even though they do look really good. Stengray, the colour in yours looks amazing.

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Fresh from the calf




I have to ask.. I keep seeing many people in this thread with the Wheel with spikes which are not straight, but curved and pointed. Where did this design come from? I've never seen it until today.

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Long (long, long) time lurker on these boards - finally signed up so I could share my WoT tattoo that I had done over the course of 2016. I basically had a long old chat with the tattooist about Matt - the ravens, fox head medallion and his relationship with Aes Sedai amongst other things. He then went away, read a bit about WoT himself and came up with this design - he got a bit carried away and it goes over my butt and, on one side, half way down my thigh - I've cropped that out as I didn't fancy posting a picture of my arse on the internet :biggrin:. The picture was taken right at the end of the last session so it's a bit raw looking in places but I absolutely love it.


WoT tattoo


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